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Well-organized and developmentally sequenced materials to support parenting and child development.

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Great Kids is dedicated to supporting programs and practitioners through products, services, and experiences that create nurtured childhoods today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. If you’re already a customer utilizing our Great Kids curricula, please visit our For Existing Partners page.

Competency Development Products

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RISE: Recovery – Impact – Support – Empower

This interactive online course will guide the Home Visitor’s journey into enhanced understanding of Substance Use Disorder (SUD). While gaining foundational understanding, participants will learn to use that information to enhance, adapt, and integrate their home visiting skills to support families affected by Substance Use Disorder.

SOAR…The Effective Home Visitor Series

This e-learning series is a collection of mini-courses designed to give participants foundational knowledge needed to grow their skills as an effective Home Visitor. Through this evolving library of courses, Home Visitors will have access to training topics like the science of attachment, strengths-based approach, observing parent-child interaction, and many more!

Elevate…The Advanced Practices Series

Much like the Effective Home Visitor Series, the Advanced Practice Series offers an evolving library of e-learning courses for the certified GGK® Home Visitor or Supervisor. These mini-courses will give staff an in-depth look at topics that will elevate their practice. Staff will have access to training topics such as a deep dive into the GGK® GPS Tool, using the Fidelity and Core Competencies Assessment Tools, supporting parents in having difficult conversations with their children, and many more!

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Growing Great Socializations

The Growing Great Socializations curricula provides an abundance of well-organized and developmentally sequenced materials to support parenting and child development. By utilizing Growing Great Socializations in conjunction with the home-based curriculum, parents will benefit from of a comprehensive and integrated approach. This approach will support the development of parenting skill sets that support the child’s development in all domains, while increasing the parent or caregiver’s nurturing abilities.

Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting

A skill-driven seminar, with infant mental health and strength-based, solution-focused communication at its core. Integrated Strategies enhances participants’ competencies for building trusting, empathic relationships with program families. Home Visitors learn to strengthen family foundations and support networks by cultivating the growth of secure attachment relationships, addressing concerns with highly stressed families and helping them to build protective buffers for their children. The knowledge and skills acquired in this seminar are essential to achieving strong outcomes in all home visiting models.

Parent Survey for Community Outreach


Parent Survey is a systematic approach for determining which of the families in your community will benefit most from home visiting and the other resources available for parents and young children. This certification seminar provides an orientation to a wide variety of field-tested strategies for building valuable skills necessary for engaging parents in trusting relationships as well as a thorough review of this easy to use, validated tool for helping assess the family’s strengths and their stressors. 

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