GGK® Next Generation Prenatal-36 Months Curriculum Series

A flexible, yet targeted curriculum series that meets the needs of each of your program families.

Building on parenting and family life skills through progressive strength-based curricula.

GGK® Next Generation Prenatal-36 Months Curriculum Series

Growing Great Kids® Next Generation Prenatal-36 months(P-36) is a skill-driven Curriculum for Home Visitors and their Supervisors.

The P-36 Curriculum Series includes comprehensive parenting, attachment, health/wellness, child development, and family strengthening curriculum. The primary focus of the curriculum is on fostering the growth of secure attachment relationships and developmentally enriched, empathic parenting that supports families to reduce their stress and build protective buffers for their children.

The conversation guide provided for each home visit, motivates parents to grow their parenting skills and strengthen family foundations within the context of their values and what they want for their child. The result is competent, nurturing parents with hope and confidence in how they shape their child’s future.

Included with GGK® Next Generation Prenatal-36 Months Curriculum Series:

The Curriculum Series Includes:
  • Jump Start Manual: This manual contains valuable conversation guides for introducing the Key Ingredients and several introductory family modules.
  • Key Ingredients Ring: This product includes durable, laminated versions of all Key Ingredient handouts (Prenatal and P-36 versions) and a Feeling Words list.
  • 6 Development-Based Manuals
    The Development-Based Manuals are updated, based on the latest research in the field, and contain conversation guides for use with families. Each manual supports parents and home visitors to individualize the curriculum to reflect each family’s needs, interests, and goals.
    • Prenatal
    • Birth to 6 Months
    • 7 to 12 Months
    • 13 to 18 Months
    • 19 to 24 Months
    • 25 to 36 Months
  • Fidelity Guide: This manual is a reference guide for Home Visitors that will walk them through all “Best-Practice Recommendations” and give much detail about several topics of importance to their implementation of the Growing Great Kids Next Generation curriculum.
  • Growing Great Families Manual: This manual focuses on strengthening families, stress management, life skills, building protective buffers, and promoting parental resilience.
  • Electronic Access to Additional Resources:
    • Parent Handouts
    • GGK Next Generation Documentation Checklists
    • Key Ingredients Certificates
    • GGK GPS Tool
Tier 1 Certification Training is Included

The Next Generation Certification Seminar is an engaging, enriching, and fun learning experience facilitated by a Great Kids  Trainer. The seminar is a blended-learning program consisting of five days of training with 6 hours of instructor-led virtual instruction and approximately 18 hours of independent, online learning to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the GGK  P-36 Curriculum. It includes an orientation call prior to the scheduled seminar week to support participants with familiarizing themselves with the technology, answering any general questions and setting expectations for the virtual seminar week.

Transition Training for Home Visitors and Supervisors

This training is provided for home visitors and supervisors who are transitioning from the classic version of our Growing Great Kids  P-36 curriculum to the Next Generation series. Although re-certification is not required to use the GGK  Next Generation version if you are already certified, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to attend this one-day, complimentary training to support knowledge and skills in using Growing Great Kids  Next Generation. This 1-day training, facilitated by a Great Kids  Trainer via video conference, is comprised of two 3-hour sessions with an hour break.

Model Alignment

Our curricula are flexible enough to be used within most program models. Great Kids® (GK) curricula, certification programs, and professional development resources, practitioners enhance their ability to engage parents and motivate them to be their child’s first and most important teacher; all within the context of their own family values, traditions, and culture. GGK® is endorsed by Healthy Families America and is identified by Head Start as a promising research-based curriculum with clear alignment to the Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework.

Protective Factors

Great Kids seminars and the Growing Great Kids® curriculum include practical strategies for strengthening protective factors for highly stressed families.

A Research-Based Curriculum

Great Kids has incorporated decades of theoretical and empirical foundations regarding the kinds of interventions that have been shown to make a difference for children into the Growing Great Kids® Prenatal to 5 Years and Growing Great Families® curricula.

Options for Lifelong Learners:

Tier II Certification: Training for Home Visitors

The Growing Great Kids Staff Development program is designed to continue to support home visitors in the learning process as they begin the implementation of the curriculum. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

Tier II: For Programs Transitioning to Next Generation

This course has been added as a resource for program staff transitioning from GGK Classic to the Next Generation version. There are no requirements to complete this training if you have already completed Tier 2 Premium or an earlier version of Tier 2. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

Tier II: Training for Supervisors

To best support you in your role as a supervisor, we provide you with access to the Growing Great Kids Next Generation Tier II for Supervisors course. We encourage you to complete the online content alongside your staff or prior to home visitors completing the course. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

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