FAQs for New Customers

New to Great Kids®? Here are some common questions and answers.

How can we help?

See answers to your questions.

If you have a question not answered here, please email info@greatkidsinc.net.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

About Materials, Handouts, & Manuals

Do you offer materials/handouts for families as well?

Yes! For our Great Kids certified Supervisors in either GGK® Next Generation or GGK® Preschool, supervisors receive access to downloadable parent handouts for printing or your program has the option to purchase pre-printed parent handbooks as well.

Does Great Kids offer electronic/digital access to manuals?

At this time, Great Kids only offers manuals in hard copy.  We are continuing to explore other options for our curriculum manuals including making them available for e-readers and tablets.  We are still some time away from that being a possibility, but we are committed to support our partners needs as we can.

What languages are Great Kids materials offered in?

All Great Kids materials are available in English. Several are also available in Spanish. To find out more about which curricula are available in Spanish or if you have further questions, please email info@greatkidsinc.net.

How can I preview Great Kids materials?

Join us for an Introductory Webinar. Pick a time and date convenient to your schedule.

Does Great Kids offer anything for parenting groups?

Yes, our Growing Great Socializations (GGS) curriculum is a companion curriculum to GGK® Prenatal to 36 and Preschool series specifically designed for groups.

Questions on Assessments

Does Great Kids offer or recommend an assessment?

Great Kids does not offer an accompanying assessment, nor do we recommend specific assessments as our partners utilize a wide range of assessment options and have found success integrating them with GGK®.

Does Great Kids offer a Fidelity Assessment or Guide?

Yes! Our GGK® Next Generation curriculum updates include a Fidelity Guide with accompanying assessment.  To learn more about these new product features, please visit our Next Generation Curriculum page. 

Questions on Costs

Are there ongoing costs that I should plan for? i.e.: replacement manuals, supplies, etc.

While there are no recurring licensing fees, many programs do budget for replacement manuals due to normal wear and tear as well as replenishing supplies used for activities.

Are there recurring licensing fees?

No.  GGK® has no recurring or annual certification or licensing fees. It is affordable and is structured to be financially sustainable with a front-loaded cost structure.

Are there reporting requirements?


What are the costs?

To provide program flexibility, we offer a variety of certification options. To get a quote for your specific needs, contact us today.

  • No annual re-certification
  • No licensing fees

Certification Questions

Who must be certified in order to use Great Kids materials?

Any home visitor or supervisor implementing the curriculum with families. Home Visitors must also be supervised by a Supervisor also certified in the same series.

Can we access the materials prior to our certification seminar?

No, home visitors/supervisors must be certified in a GGK® seminar prior to using the curriculum.

What post training supports are available?

We have post training supports available for both home visitors and supervisors alike.

Are there any educational/degree requirements to be certified in Great Kids?

No.  That would be an agency or model specific requirement.


Does the curriculum support the Protective Factors?

Yes.  Please visit our Protective Factors page to learn more.

We are a Healthy Families America site, how does Great Kids align with the HFA model?

Healthy Families America and Great Kids have worked in partnership for many years focused on the development & delivery of training & curriculum for Healthy Families America (HFA) sites.  Please see our Model Alignment page to learn more.

We are a Head Start/Early Head Start site, how does Great Kids align with our model?

The Growing Great Kids Home Based Curricula Series exceeds all Head Start Curriculum requirements.  Please visit our Model Alignment page to learn more.

Getting Started with Great Kids

How do I learn more or get started?

Start by scheduling, at your convenience, a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how your organization might benefit from Great Kids affordable curriculum with no recurring licensing fees or certification requirements.