FAQs for Existing Partners

Common questions with answers for current customers of Great Kids®

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These FAQs are tailored specifically to our existing partners.

Great Kids is committed to supporting you! If you are a new customer to Great Kids please visit our New to GK FAQ for new customer page.

If you have a question not answered here, please email info@greatkidsinc.net.

Questions on Training

Can a new Home Visitor bring existing curriculum for a certification seminar?

Our practice is to not allow participants to bring existing curriculum manuals to training due to the many challenges we have encountered in the past, including participants bringing the wrong manuals, dated manuals, or having incomplete sets, etc. When problems arise with manuals not mirroring the trainer’s and other participants’ materials, it is challenging for the Trainer to conduct specific activities, role plays, etc. We also find that those participants who have dated materials do not have a strong training experience as they are struggling to cross-reference items presented and do not have the concrete tools the Trainer introduced (because their manuals may be dated) when they return to their sites.

I was trained as a Home Visitor and now I have been promoted to Supervisor, what do I need to do?

Congratulations! Please email info@greatkidsinc.net for next steps.

I forgot my login to the Great Kids Online Learning Academy; how can I retrieve that?

What are our options for advanced training or refreshers?

Currently, Great Kids offers two learning series to enhance learning and support growth in using the GGK® Curriculum. SOAR…The Effective Home Visitor Series contains courses that provide home visitors with foundational knowledge to enchance their skills in working with families with young children. Elevate…The Advanced Practice Series is specifically tailored to our partners using the GGK Next Generation Curriculum set.

Are there ongoing costs that I should plan for? i.e. replacement manuals, supplies, etc.?

While there are no recurring licensing fees, many programs do budget for replacement manuals due to normal wear and tear as well as replenishing supplies used for activities.


When should we begin Tier 2 after our GGK P-36 training?

Per our User License Terms and Conditions, all supervisors and home visitors who have been awarded GGK Tier 1 Certification are required to facilitate or participate in the GGK Tier 2 or Tier 2 Premium (online) skill development program beginning within two months of signing the User License Terms and Conditions Agreement.

How do I register staff who were certified in GGK P-36 prior to 2018 for Tier 2 Premium?

Complete this form to request registration information for Tier 2 Premium.

Does Great Kids offer anything for parenting groups?

Yes, visit our Growing Great Socializations (GGS) curriculum page for more information on this companion curriculum to GGK specifically designed for groups.

We hired a new home visitor, how do I sign them up for Great Kids-Great Start?

Submit this form to enroll your new staff in Great Kids-Great Start.

We have new staff, how do we schedule their training?

Please email info@greatkidsinc.net to coordinate enrollment for your staff in to the next available training.

What supports are available post training?

Great Kids offers a number of additional resources to participants after they have completed certification training. Please visit our Pre and Post Certification products page for more details.

Ordering materials

How do I order Parent Handbooks

How do I order replacement manuals for my staff?

Please email orders@greatkidsinc.net with the manuals needed.

What are the most current editions of the manuals available?

Please email info@greatkidsinc.net with the specific curriculum series in question. 

What languages are Great Kids materials offered in?

All Great Kids materials are available in English. Several are also available in Spanish. To find out more about which curricula are available in Spanish or if you have further questions, please email info@greatkidsinc.net.

Will Great Kids be offering electronic/digital access to manuals?

At this time, Great Kids offers manuals only in hard copy. We are continuing to explore other options for our curriculum manuals including making them available for e-readers and tablets. We are still some time away from that being a possibility, but we are committed to supporting our partners needs as we can.

What types of payment does Great Kids accept?

Payment can be made via credit card using link provided within the invoice email, via check, or via ACH online bill payment.

We are GGK P-36 certified, are there materials for supporting older children in the homes?

Yes, visit our Orders page for information about our Play With Me! 3 and Play With Me!4 Child Development Activity manuals.

Questions on Assessment

Does Great Kids offer or recommend an assessment?

Great Kids does not offer an accompanying assessment, nor do we recommend specific assessments as our partners utilize a wide range of assessment options and have found success integrating them with GGK.

Does Great Kids offer a Fidelity Assessment or Guide?

Yes! Our GGK P-36 Next Generation curriculum updates include a Fidelity Guide with accompanying assessment. To learn more about these new product features, please visit our Next Generation page.

General Questions

How can I be added to your email list?

You can opt-in to our listserv and stay in the know – use this link: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/mGNzI2R/GKEmail.