ELEVATE...The Advanced Practice Series

An evolving library of e-learning courses for the certified GGK® Home Visitor or Supervisor.

Enhance your professional skills in working with families with young children.

ELEVATE…The Advanced Practice Series

The mini-courses in this series will give staff an in-depth look at topics that will elevate their practice. Staff will have access to training topics such as a deep dive into the GGK GPS Tool, using the Fidelity and Core Competencies Assessment Tools, and many more!

This series is designed for any home visitor, supervisor, or coach who is certified in the Growing Great Kids curriculum and has completed Next Generation P-36 Tier 1 or P-36 Classic AND is transitioning to Next Generation.

Each course within the series is a stand-alone course that covers approximately 2-hours of learning content, each focusing on a different topic, objectives, and activities. You can complete each course in order as they become available, or based on your preference of topic area; there is no sequential order required. And, new from Great Kids, each person who enrolls in each program will also participate in pre-learning and post-learning checks to assess their learning and retention of key concepts from the course.

The second mini-course in the series is NOW AVAILABLE. Exploring the Great Kids Assessment Tools will provide a guided exploration of the following Great Kids Assessment Tools:

  • GGK Fidelity Self-Assessment Checklist,
  • GGK Fidelity Observation Tool for Supervisors and Coaches,
  • GKI Core Competencies for Effective Home Visiting Self-Assessment, and
  • The Individual Professional Development Plan.

The mini-course will offer a detailed breakdown of each assessment tool and how to complete the tools with fidelity to the GGK curriculum. Additionally, you will learn about the importance and benefits of reflection and collaboration in your professional development journey. The course will conclude with an opportunity for both home visitors and supervisors to begin developing a goal plan for putting the Great Kids Assessment Tools into practice.

You can also still purchase the first mini-course in the series, A Deep Dive into the GGK GPS Tool. In this course, participants will:

  • Understand the significance of intentional and parent-involved planning.
  • Define the GGK GPS Tool and describe its components.
  • Recognize when to use the GGK GPS Tool.
  • Use the GGK GPS Tool to support planning and partnership with families.


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