GGK Next Generation for Preschoolers Curriculum Series

A Relationship-Focused, Play-Based, Parenting & Child Development Curriculum

GGK® Next Generation for Preschoolers Curriculum Series

Growing Great Kids Next Generation for Preschoolers and derivative products are research-based, relationship-focused, play-based, parenting and child development curriculum.

Within this curriculum, Great Kids has woven together tools based on sound research in the fields of child development, family strengthening, infant-child mental health, neuroscience, psychology, trauma-informed care, and many others.


Exciting New Features

The Preschool curriculum supports child development by engaging families in developmentally appropriate, relationship-focused, parent-child activities during every visit.

Parent's Voice, Parent's Choice

One thing that defines Next Generation is an enhanced ability to individualize each family’s and child’s experience based on their needs, interests, and aspirations.

Child's Voice, Child's Choice

This level of engagement allows families and children to have a voice and choice in planning home visits.

Adventure Wheel

Supports the child to select an animal on the GGK® Adventure Wheel to make a play choice for the next part of the visit.

Conversation Guide

Through the use of the GGK® interactive conversation guides, families will be assured of an individualized, strength-based, solution focused, skill-driven home visiting experience.

Activity Book

The set also includes preschoolers’ very own I’m a Great Kid! Activity Book.

Cultural Humility

GGK® Next Generation for Preschoolers supports each family’s values, strengths, and traditions by using a cultural humility approach.

Included with GGK Next Generation for Preschoolers Curriculum Series:

The Curriculum Series Includes:

2 Jump Start Manuals

  • For Families New to GGK
  • For Families with GGK® Experience

The Jump Start Manuals provide home visitors with foundational conversation guides for introducing the GGK Key Ingredients, building strong relationships with families, and maximizing engagement. The manuals are written for two different audiences, Families NEW to GGK and Families with GGK Experience.

2 Development-Based Manuals

  • 3 Years
  • 4 Years

The Development-Based Manuals contain conversation guides for families with children who are developmentally in the 3 or 4 year old age range. Each manual is divided into two units, younger and older, to support parents and home visitors to individualize the curriculum to reflect each family’s needs, interests, and goals.

Key Ingredients Ring

The Key Ingredients Ring is a laminated set of our Daily Do’s and Relationship Boosters.

Fidelity Guide

A reference guide for using the GGK® Next Generation for Preschoolers curriculum.

Growing Great Families Manual

The GGF® manual focuses on strengthening families, stress management, life skills, building protective buffers, and promoting parental resilience.

I’m a Great Kid! Activity Book

The set also includes preschoolers’ very own I’m a Great Kid! Activity Book.

Electronic Access to GGK Next Generation Preschool Supervisor Resources

These resources include a crosswalk between the GGK Next Generation for Preschoolers Curriculum and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, parent handouts, printable I’m a Great Kid! Activity Book, GGK Curriculum Documentation Records, GGK Preschool Fidelity Self-Assessment Checklist Tool, GGK Preschool Fidelity Observation Tool for Supervisors and Coaches, GGK Preschool GPS Planning Tool, GK Core Competencies Self-Assessment Tool Preschool, GK Individual Professional Development Plan, and more!

GGK Canvas Tote Bag

Tier 1 Certification Training

Great Kids® has designed the Growing Great Kids® Curriculum Training to be a learning experience that progressively and sequentially builds the knowledge and skills needed to implement the curriculum in programs and during visits.

Tier I certification is required for Home Visitors & Supervisors. Tier I training is conducted during a virtual seminar week, Monday through Friday. Participants will gain knowledge and information on using the curriculum through a mix of live seminars and independent learning activities.

Transition Training for Home Visitors and Supervisors

Transition Training is available for our current Preschool curriculum partners. This training is for programs already certified in Preschool and transitioning to using Next Generation for Preschoolers curriculum from the Classic version. This online, independent-study course supports home visitors and supervisors as they explore the Next Generation for Preschoolers curriculum’s newest and most up-to-date content. Participants will be certified to use the Next Generation curriculum with families upon completing this self-study course.

Tier II Certification: Training for Home Visitors

Upon completion of GGK for Preschoolers Tier I, you are provided with an additional professional development program, GGK for Preschoolers Tier II Certification.

Home Visitors continue to grow their skills with the support of their Supervisor/Coach during Tier II certification. Tier II supports participants to take a deeper dive into all the concepts and practices they learned in your GGK Preschool Tier I training week. The cost of Tier I Certification INCLUDES access to Tier II Certification.

Options for Lifelong Learners:

Tier II Certification: Training for Home Visitors

The Growing Great Kids Staff Development program is designed to continue to support home visitors in the learning process as they begin the implementation of the curriculum. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

Tier II: For Programs Transitioning to Next Generation

This course has been added as a resource for program staff transitioning from GGK Classic to the Next Generation version. There are no requirements to complete this training if you have already completed Tier 2 Premium or an earlier version of Tier 2. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

Tier II: Training for Supervisors

To best support you in your role as a supervisor or coach, we provide you with access to the Growing Great Kids Next Generation Tier II for Supervisors course. We encourage you to complete the online content alongside your staff or prior to home visitors completing the course. Get started by contacting Partner Support.

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