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Through our partnerships, Great Kids is dedicated to creating an environment where every child feels safe and secure, loved and valued, curious and capable.

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How to Order Growing Great Kids Certifications

A self-study certification course and all curriculum manuals are included in the Growing Great Kids Next Generation Certification purchase. Order the materials by following the steps below. 

Step 1

Visit GK Store

Access the GK Store on the Great Kids website and select the GGK Certification you want to purchase.

Step 2

Complete Payment

Complete the payment via credit card or purchase order, fill out shipping information, and assign certifications for each staff person.

Step 3

Start Course

sMaterials will be shipped as designated, and staff will automatically be enrolled in the self-Study certification course at the GK Academy.

Professional Development Opportunities

Never stop learning. Grow your skills with these interactive, self-paced online courses.

Logo of RISE: Recovery-Impact-Support-Empower online training for the home visitor enhancing their knowledge of substance use disorder.

Substance Use Disorder Course

This interactive, self-paced online course will guide the Home Visitor’s journey into enhanced understanding of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Logo of RISE: Recovery-Impact-Support-Empower online training for the home visitor enhancing their knowledge of substance use disorder.

The Advanced Practice Series

The mini-courses in this series offer access to training topics such as a deep dive into the GGK GPS Tool, using the Fidelity and Core Competencies Assessment Tools, and many more!

Professional development series logo

Personal & Professional Development Series

Through this evolving library of self-paced online courses, our goal is to provide learners with foundational knowledge to enhance their skills and discover effective strategies for developing trusting, strength-based relationships. 

Curricula, Certification Seminars, and Products

What We Offer

We offer products that support healthy relationships and successful outcomes for organizations, professionals, families, and children. 

Effective Communiction Training 

 Foundational topics for growing communication skills and building deeper connections. 

Parenting Groups

 Facilitate parenting-group discussions based on the latest research around improving family outcomes.

Great Kids International

The future of our world community depends on all of us. Children must have the opportunity to reach their optimal growth and development in all childhood domains. Families must be supported to develop the Protective Factors, giving their family resiliency while receiving supportive guidance on child development and nurturing care. Research has established the relationship between parenting/caregiving practices, early learning experiences, and positive outcomes for children.

It is only with responsive care and support for their healthy development that children will grow into resourceful, compassionate individuals who will contribute positively to our global community as adults. 


Great Kids (GK) is an international non-profit training, curricula, and consulting organization specializing in improving the quality of care and developmental stimulation infants and young children receive from their parents and other caregivers.

During the past 20 years, GK has developed training programs and curricula focused on growing nurturing relationships between parents/caregivers and young children that support their early development. 

Our curricula and training programs have been successfully contextualized for use in developing countries. By mentoring a team of trainers and project officers in the use of our Growing Great Kids curricula and staff development programs, our goal is to build in-country capacity and reliance on local professionals by giving them the tools to implement and replicate the Growing Great Kids programs.

For more information on how to partner with GK, contact us today!

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