Expand your knowledge of substance use disorder

Enhance your understanding and skills to support individuals and families experiencing SUD. 

Expand your knowledge of substance use disorder

Explore ways to provide support to individuals and families in recovery. 

Substance use disorder is on the RISE

Just like other illnesses, no one wakes up and decides to have a substance use disorder. For many, a childhood history, a painful experience, or an unmet need for acceptance and belonging initially leads to substance use. Often, that story begins early in life through childhood trauma, and research tells us that the more trauma a person experiences, the greater the chance of developing a substance use disorder later in life. In the general population, childhood trauma is common, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that substance use disorder is also common. 

 We understand that addiction and recovery are complex and often confusing. That’s why we created this online course as your starting point to provide a foundational understanding and concrete strategies for supporting those affected by substance use disorder.

RISE — Recovery-Impact-Support-Empower

Understanding substance use disorder is essential to successfully addressing it. 

Continuing Education for Social Workers

This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886914625-4672) for 9 continuing education contact hours.

1 in 17 people worldwide misused controlled substances.

In 2019, over 20 million people in the US were diagnosed with substance use disorder. 

As overwhelming as these statistics may be, these numbers only partially represent the impact of substance use on populations. That’s because we know that substance use impacts not just individuals but entire families.

RISE will provide you with education and tools to help you feel confident and competent in supporting people experiencing substance use disorder.



Rely on this course’s up-to-date research and evidence-based information that is relevant to anyone, whether you are supporting people on a professional or personal level. 



You will feel safe and secure as you learn and seek to prevent further trauma or re-traumatization.



The course ends with a “choose-your-own-path” experience where you’ll complete learning objectives and practice scenarios that most apply to your role in supporting individuals and families with substance use disorder.

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5 Learning Modules

The information is broken into five learning modules and presented in various ways. This course can be completed by any individual interested in professional OR personal development focused on the topic of substance use disorders.

Learning variations:

  • Read content
  • Watch videos
  • Interactive elements such as journal entries, info buttons and knowledge checks

Topics Explored

In this course, you will cover numerous topics that will enhance your understanding of substance use disorder, the opioid crisis, and risk and protective factors.

Contents include:

  • Understanding more about treatment and recovery processes
  • How SUD can impact parenting, parent-child attachment, and child development
  • Strategies for implementing family-centered treatment for substance use disorder
  • Strategies and skills you can use to support individuals and families experiencing substance use disorders

Independent Online Learning

Learn at your own pace in this 9-hour online course. At the end of the course, participants will have an opportunity to apply what they have learned by completing practice scenarios.

Practice exercises:

  • Build learners’ confidence and competence 
  • Experience meaningful strengths-based discussions
  • Practice conversations with individuals and families experiencing substance use disorder

After completing rise , you will be:

Next Generation Preschool manuals

A Knowledgeable Guide

Step into your role prepared with skills and knowledge around treatment, recovery process, and risk and protective factors

Child and parent reading book.

An Empathetic Ally

Feel ready to come alongside challenges and apply a growth mindset and empathy to overcome the stigma surrounding substance use

Next Generation Preschool manuals

Joyful Partner

Celebrate as people demonstrate resiliency, reach goals, and experience more joy together