Who is Great Kids®?

Great Kids helps you make the world a better place for kids.

We are dedicated to developing exceptional early childhood and home based programs for families with children 0-5 years. 

About Great Kids® (GK)

The Great Kids vision is to protect children and their childhoods while allowing every parent to feel confident and competent. Our programs support parents to grow the essential parenting and life skills that will empower them to provide their children with a safe, loving home and the inner strengths to reach their highest developmental potential.

We accomplish our vision by providing programs with professional development, consultation, and evidence-based parenting curricula that create inspired and meaningful practices with families. These connections lead to engaged, strong, and resilient families.

Model Alignment

Our curricula are flexible, offering easy integration within a multitude of program models.


Decades of theoretical and empirical foundations on effective interventions influence our curricula.

Protective Factors

The research-based principles of the Protective Factors Framework are foundational in the Growing Great Kids® Curriculum.

Our GREAT Team

These are the people who put love, research, and excellence into all things Great Kids!

Esthela Navarro

Director of Partner Services

Kelly Mullin

Partner Care Manager

Kennedy Kincaid

Talent Training Manager

Toree Peters

Trainer/GK Generalist

Michelle Simon

Trainer/GK Generalist

Cristina Nealon

Trainer/GK Generalist

Jennifer Hayes

Director of Product Development

Bethany Huffstutler

Product Development Manager

Sarah Holbrook

Graphic Layout & Copyright Specialist

Melissa Weekes

Product Development Specialist

Tess Roper

Instructional Design Specialist

Nancy Joerger

Product Development Specialist

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Product Development Specialist

Brad Bower

Director of Finance

Micayla Davis

Accounting Admin Specialist

Matt White

Shipping Specialist & Admin Support

Dana Broadway

Director of Business Development & Research

Brittany Malone

Solutions Integration Manager

Sierra Bruecker

Tech Support Specialist

Antoinette Vitale

Marketing Specialist

Amber Green

Account Executive & Success Consultant

Laura Joyal

Trainer and Success Consultant

Zoe Lemme

Trainer and Success Consultant

Great Kids Careers

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Great Kids International

The future of our world community depends on all of us. Children must have the opportunity to reach their optimal growth and development in all childhood domains. Families must be supported to develop the Protective Factors, giving their family resiliency while receiving supportive guidance on child development and nurturing care. Research has established the relationship between parenting/caregiving practices, early learning experiences, and positive outcomes for children.

It is only with responsive care and support for their healthy development that children will grow into resourceful, compassionate individuals who will contribute positively to our global community as adults. 


Great Kids (GK) is an international non-profit training, curricula, and consulting organization specializing in improving the quality of care and developmental stimulation infants and young children receive from their parents and other caregivers.

During the past 20 years, GK has developed training programs and curricula focused on growing nurturing relationships between parents/caregivers and young children that support their early development. 

Our curricula and training programs have been successfully contextualized for use in developing countries. By mentoring a team of trainers and project officers in the use of our Growing Great Kids curricula and staff development programs, our goal is to build in-country capacity and reliance on local professionals by giving them the tools to implement and replicate the Growing Great Kids programs.

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What home visitors and parents are saying about Great Kids.

"We have really loved the whole curriculum! We do home visits, and we see these families in their homes, or in our offices interacting with their kids and planning activities that they can do to build their self-esteem and work together and strengthen their family as a whole."

Candice Ware

Early Childhood/Parent Educator , Catholic Charities of Central Colorado

"We came across Great Kids, Growing Great Kids and it didn’t take us very long at all to read and understand that Great Kids had a curriculum that aligns perfectly with everything that we need here for our early home-based programs."

Jennifer Gutierrez

Child Development Specialist, Stanislaus County Office of Education

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