ENGAGE: Effective Communication Training

ENGAGE is a communication framework for responsive partnerships and effective engagement.

 Communication & Engagement Training 

 In our tech-savvy world, there’s never been a greater need for authentic relational communication. Great Kids created ENGAGE to help people be better communicators and develop deeper connections. This training supports the use of our new research-based communication framework. You will gain practical techniques and tools for growing your skills in effective communication, successful engagement, and authentic partnerships.

Who is this for:

  • People who work with people
  • Human service professionals
  • Anyone looking to improve their communication skills
  • People who want to improve their workplace soft skills


What you'll learn:

  •  Effective communication and engagement strategies
  • Professional practices for effective communication
  • How to build rapport, gather information, and provide closure to conversations
  • How to address concerns in a strengths-based way
  • The power of connecting with others
  • How to make people feel valued and understood
  • Emotional self-awareness
  • Strategies for building collaborative partnerships
  • Reflective listening skills
  • How to effectively help others problem-solve and reach their goals

Training Details

  • A VIRTUAL hybrid training over 3.5 days including:











      • 12 hours of trainer-led, live webinars
      • 9 hours of interactive, independent online learning
      • Downloadable Great Kids Engage Workbook and a certificate of completion
      • SUPERVISOR’S SUPPORT TOOL and a SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL for continual professional development

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