Empower Expecting Parents

Deliver personalized support using our family-strengthening prenatal curriculum  




Increased retention



Empower Expecting Parents

Deliver personalized support using our family-strengthening prenatal curriculum  

Your Partner in Nurturing Healthy Beginnings 

Pregnancy is a crucial time to begin building attachment relationships. Having a trusted resource with the latest research and engaging prenatal topics will help you optimize this window of opportunity. 

Growing Great Kids Next Generation Prenatal Curriculum supports you with: 

  • Topics supporting secure attachment relationships prenatally
  • Tools to prepare families for the baby’s arrival
  • Conversation guides that engage the whole family
  • Prenatal activities involving the developing child
Next Generation Preschool manuals


Child and parent reading book.

Whole Family Approach

Next Generation Preschool manuals

Culturally Responsive



“It is so important to make expecting parents aware of this information so they can be the best parents they can be while growing a great child.”

A Trusted Source for Prenatal Support 

We know reputable prenatal resources are limited, yet essential in helping expecting families prepare for a bright future together. 

With our prenatal curriculum, you will have attachment conversations, birthing plans, supply lists, health & development research, and more all based on science. 

Experience the satisfaction of having everything you need to facilitate prenatal bonding.  


26 activities


Boost parent engagement


Virtual or in-person use


Meets model program standards


Standalone curriculum


Success Consultant support

All-Inclusive Prenatal Curriculum

Your $300 per team member investment covers it all – a one-stop shop for each facilitator supporting all pregnancy partners and families. 

Preorder GGK Next Generation Prenatal

Once released in Fall 2024, you can access the course online and receive your manual

Complete the course

Finish the 2-hour self-study course online and feel confident using the manual

Facilitate with ease

Provide each family with tailored support guiding parents in planning for the baby


26 Activities

Involve the developing child and family in play-based activities while prepping for activities to be done post-natal. 

Activities are: 

  • Low cost
  • Research-based
  • Completed with commonly found items



26 Conversation Topics

Conversation guides do the work for you to support engaging families and sharing research-based information. 

Topics include: 

  • Parent Brain 
  • Recovery After Birth 
  • Early Arrivals & Unique Needs 
  • Dealing With Loss 
  • Budgeting 
  • Parenting Styles & Temperament 
  • And more

Emergent Use

Use the curriculum emergently based on family circumstances, strengths, and interests. 

A comprehensive curriculum that covers:

  • Various age ranges
  • Cultures
  • Situations in a strengths-based way

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