SOAR...The Effective Home Visitor Series

Through this evolving library of courses, our goal is to provide learners with foundational knowledge to enhance their skills in working with families with young children.

Courses to Help You Strengthen Family Relationships 

Discover effective strategies for developing trusting, strength-based relationships with families that motivate them to provide responsive, loving care for their children. Our self-paced online courses guide participants to enhance their understanding of foundational family partnerships and grow concrete strategies that can be translated into practice with program families.

The Science of Attachment

Do you have a hard time reading your baby’s signs and can’t always figure out what they want?

Do you feel disconnected and desire to create a deeper bond and learn how to read your infant’s emotional cues?

Do you want to improve your stress management and successfully soothe your infant?

This is where The Science of Attachment course comes in.

Participants will explore and reflect on the research behind the science of attachment – the deep emotional bond between an infant and their primary caregiver.

You will work through three objectives to understand the role of secure attachment relationships in children’s cognitive and social-emotional development and explore various research-based strategies parents can practice, to foster secure attachment relationships with their children.

A Strengths-Based Approach

Have you ever noticed that your brain has a natural tendency to give weight to negative experiences or interactions more than positive ones?

Psychologists refer to this as negativity bias, and it causes people to focus on one bad thing in a mountain of good things.

The strength-based approach allows for people to see themselves at their best to see their value. It then allows a person to move that value forward and capitalize on their strengths rather than focus on their negative characteristics.

In this course, learners will develop their understanding of a Strengths-Based Approach. Participants will complete three objectives that walk through the fundamentals of taking a Strengths-Based Approach.

By the end of the training, learners should feel confident in their ability to use a Strengths-Based Approach not only in professional practice, but in ALL their relationships. 


 There are no prerequisites required for you to enroll in these courses. They are designed for anyone who supports families with young children. Each course within the series is a stand-alone course that covers approximately 2-hours of content, each focusing on a different topic, objectives, activities, and practice scenarios.

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