Tier 2

Ongoing support and learning for those beginning to implement our curriculum.

Additional support and accountability for recently certified Home Visitors and Supervisors. 

Home Visitor Competency

We believe that participation in a seminar is only one piece of the learning process. Research indicates that learning that occurs during a seminar is only transferred to job skills when there is additional support and accountability. Great Kids® is committed to the continued support of staff in the learning process as they begin implementation of the curriculum based on our 8 Core Competencies for Effective Home Visiting.

Completion of the Tier 2 certification will help anchor one’s ability to use the full set of curriculum materials in an intentional and informed manner to optimize outcomes for children and their families. This course takes a deeper dive into the Great Kids 8 Core Competencies for Effective Home Visiting in relation to curriculum implementation. Tier 2 Premium is part of the Growing Great Kids certification journey and is included in the cost of GGK Certification for anyone who has completed GGK Tier 1 certification after January 2018. If you have Home Visitors who were GGK certified before January 2018, there is an additional cost for this course.

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