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Resources for gaining foundational knowledge and skills about the Growing Great Kids® curriculum prior to certification

Convenient and affordable package aimed at keeping programs in compliance with their curriculum training standards. 

Great Kids – Great Start

New Home Visitors who have not yet been trained in the use of the Growing Great Kids curriculum often need to start working with families prior to that certification. It is important that those Home Visitor/Family relationships be built on a strong foundation that is in alignment with the Growing Great Kids products they will be using after they are certified. Offering support to new staff is critical to their success as a Home Visitor and to the engagement and retention of the families they serve.

Great Kids – Great Start e-learning units build foundational knowledge and skills resulting in families receiving relationship-focused, family-driven, strength-enhancing visits even before full certification in the GGK curriculum. The package contains eleven modules with conversation guides for up to 4-months of family visits.

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