Growing Great Kids™ – A Global Approach

The future of our world community depends on children having the opportunity to reach their optimal physical growth and full development in all domains. Research has clearly established the relationship between parenting/caregiving practices, early learning experiences, and  positive outcomes for children.

It is only with responsive care and support for their healthy development that children will grow into resourceful, compassionate adults who will contribute positively to our global community as adults.

Great Kids, Inc., (GKI) is an international non-profit training and consulting organization specializing in improving the quality of care and developmental stimulation infants and young children receive from their parents and other caregivers. During the past 20 years, GKI has developed training programs and curricula focused on growing nurturing relationships between parents/caregivers and young children that support their early development and learning. Our curricula and training programs have been successfully contextualized for use in developing countries.

By mentoring a team of trainers and project officers in the use of our Growing Great Kids curricula and staff development programs, our goal is to build in-country capacity and reliance on local professionals by giving them the tools to implement and replicate the Growing Great Kids programs.

Our Program Outcomes

Communities using the Growing Great Kids relationship and early learning-based curricula are finding many impressive outcomes. Specialized versions of the curriculum are being used with parents, caregivers in daycare or residential settings including orphanages, and with foster parents. In addition to preventing child abuse and neglect, other outcomes include:

  • Children benefiting from secure attachment relationships with their parents and caregivers
  • Healthier brain, social and emotional development
  • Enhanced family functioning
  • More responsive caregiving practices
  • More realistic expectations for children
  • Improved health, including nutrition, and developmental outcomes
  • School and learning readiness
  • More parental/caregiver support for early learning
  • Increased reliance on non-corporal discipline methods
  • More confidence as a parent/caregiver


Developing Your In-Country Capacity

Great Kids, Inc. provides a 3-year development, training and technical assistance program for interested communities, organizations and countries. During this time, curriculum and program adaptations are encouraged to support cultural contextualization. This 3-year immersion process provides in-country leaders with training and consultation focused on building capacity for continued replication and program sustainability. Our training and technical assistance process is designed to build a strong program infrastructure, to insure the integrity and quality of the materials and approach, and to strengthen the potential for strong outcomes for families and children.

GKI brings our international training and consultation team to you. It is our goal to develop your capacity and to prepare you to take complete ownership of the program and curriculum for replication with communities and families within your country. Our 3-year preparation plan, which involves 3 visits from our consultants during each of the 3 years, includes:

Year 1


  • Program and curriculum orientation for project administrators, project officers, start-up staff and community leaders
  • Consultation regarding program planning, infrastructure-building, and project implementation
  • Staff training for 2-3 pilot sites, including project officers and administrators
  • Consultation regarding the development of project evaluation
  • Program implementation at 2-3 pilot sites
  • Technical assistance and quality management training for project officers including on-site observations, feedback and consultation


Year 2


  • Consultation regarding infrastructure development and project implementation
  • Identification of in-country Growing Great Kids training and technical assistance team
  • Train-The-Trainers Institute
  • Training and implementation at 1 additional site (a component of the Train-The-Trainers Institute)
  • Program implementation at above new site
  • On-going technical assistance and support for project officers including on-site quality assurance observations and feedback
  • Consultation regarding program modifications for in-country contextualization


Year 3


  • Training of 3 additional sites (to serve as observation/feedback trainings for the Train-The-Trainers Institute participants)
  • Program implementation at above 3 sites
  • Consultation regarding plan for ongoing in-country program modifications, replication, evaluation, program development, quality management and sustainability


Partnerships With Great Kids, Inc.

For start up information and program evaluations from the United States, Canada and the Philippine Islands, contact:
Esthela Navarro – Manager, Spanish Bilingual Training and Product Development | email: