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Join Great Kids and guests for a discussion of cognitive bias and how it affects the work of home visitors.

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Different Eyes: the View from the Heart of Another

How do we overcome bias in others? How do we overcome bias in ourselves? This series is dedicated to overcoming bias learning to see what others see.  A new episode will be released every two weeks for six months. 

Podcast 12: The Final Episode, July 23, 2021

As we wrap up our Different Eyes: The View from the Heart of Another podcast series, we wish to thank you for tuning in and exploring cognitive bias with us.
In our final episode the Great Kids team recaps the 11 cognitive biases covered and shares personal thoughts and reflections of the series. Thank you for all the ways you open your eyes and hearts to others.

Others In This Video Podcast Series

Podcast 11: The Bystander Effect, June 25, 2021

This week the discussion centers around why the presence of others discourages us from intervening, otherwise known as The Bystander Effect. Where does this bias show up? How can we help overcome it? How does it impact the home visiting world? Tune in now to learn more with the team from Great Kids.

Podcast 10: The Illusory Truth Effect, June 11, 2021

Is hearing, believing? This week the team discusses a new cognitive bias that explores why our brains perceive things we hear frequently as true, when that may not be the case. Learn how asking yourself one very important question can help overcome this bias.

Podcast 9: The Halo Effect, May 28, 2021

With just 3 more episodes left in our video podcast series, we are changing things up a little bit! In this episode, Shawna and Dana are joined by two very special guests to discuss the The Halo Effect. The group discusses how this bias can impact home visitors and the families they serve. Each guest shares personal examples and offers their ideas on how to help overcome this bias.

Podcast 8: The Status Quo Bias, May 7, 2021

In this episode we explore why we prefer things not to change. How do we shift from our default tendencies and work against Status Quo BiasHear examples from the home visiting world and also how this bias can show up in parenting. Learn how potential payoffs can help inspire us to be disruptors of the status quo.

Podcast 7: The Empathy Gap, Apr 23, 2021

We’re kicking off the second half of our podcast series with a cognitive bias specific to empathy. Join Shawna and Dana as they discuss The Empathy Gap, why it happens, and learn about the different types of empathy. Hear how understanding and empathizing with children can be different than we think. How do we close The Empathy Gap?

Podcast 6: Negativity Bias, Apr 9, 2021

Learn more about Negativity Bias and why we are more likely to remember a negative event than a positive one. Hear examples of how using a Strength-based Approach and focusing on Accentuating the Positive (ATP) can make a difference.

Podcast 5: In-Group Bias, Mar 26, 2021

Our series continues to explore cognitive bias and how it relates to the work you do to support families. In this episode we discuss In-Group Bias.

Hear how we treat others based on the groups we belong to. Learn about Social Identify Theory and how we can work to overcome our defaults related to In-Group bias.

Podcast 4: Naïve Realism, Mar 12, 2021

Learn more about what Naïve Realism is and what it means. Hear examples of how this might be present during a home visit. And, once again how empathy is brought up to help us see through the eyes and hearts of another.

Podcast 3: Fundamental Attribution Error, Feb 26, 2021

Shawna and Dana are back to explore another cognitive bias, Fundamental Attribution Error, and how it relates to our lives and the field of home visiting.

This episode discusses “go-to” thinking vs. intentional thinking and what research says about debiasing our cognitive bias. Who’s in charge of our brain? The elephant or the rider? How does all of this circle back to empathy?

Podcast 2: The Bandwagon Effect, Feb 12, 2021

Also known as “GroupThink” or “Herd Mentatlity”, The Bandwagon Effect refers to how some people do something simply because others are, regardless of their own beliefs. Togetherness seems to be at the heart of this particular bias. Join us to learn about the human superpower and meet the committee members of the brain. We will explore how this particular bias relates to the field of home visiting. 

Podcast 1: Confirmation Bias, Jan 29, 2021

In this episode, Dana Broadway, our Director of Product Development & Research, and Shawna Donaldson, Executive Director of Great Kids, Inc., explore bias and how it relates to the world of home visiting.

There are dozens of types of cognitive bias which are systematic errors in thinking that happen due to shortcuts our brain takes to simplify information to help us process things quickly and make decisions in an instant. This episode will dig deeper in to Confirmation Bias, or the tendency to interpret new information as confirmation of what we already believe. 


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