Boost Your Parent-Child Observation Skills

This course teaches you how to use our CHEEERS observation framework to identify family and parenting strengths.







Become a Confident Parent-Child Observer with Our Observation Tool

This course teaches you how to use our CHEEERS framework to identify family and parenting strengths.

Seeing & supporting secure attachment relationships develop & grow is heartwarming

Observing families may seem like common sense, and yet doing intentional observation is a skill that takes time and practice. You do this work because you want to see children and their families learn, love, and grow together. When you have the tools to support that to happen, you can witness parent-child relationships flourish 

The CHEEERS framework will show you how to intentionally observe parent-child interaction. These observations offer opportunities to provide support and feedback that enhances the quality of interactions.  

CHEEERS gives you the HOW in your work 

because you already have the WHY

Continuing Education for Social Workers

This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers for 2 continuing education contact hours.

Become an intentional observer 

Parent-child relationships are complex. Your role puts you in a unique position to observe with a curious mind and support daily interactions.  

With CHEEERS, you will be able to isolate interactions and support optimal parent-child relationships.

Meeting basic needs helps keep children alive, building secure attachments helps children thrive. 

Experience a framework that helps you understand how to gather information about parent-child interaction to help recognize family strengths and enhance positive interactions.

Supports Documentation

Gain the ability to be intentional, curious, open, and factual when telling the families story.

Builds reflective skills

Opportunities to journal built into the course to practice and reflect as you are learning. 

Increases confidence & awareness

The tool supports efficiency in your work which prevents burnout and boosts knowledge. 

Culturally Responsive

Supports individualizing observational questions to reflect the family’s specific beliefs, traditions, and culture. 

Small investment — BIG outcome

Your $50 investment makes a lasting impact

Order Online Course

Access CHEEERS: A Tool for Observing Parent-Child Interaction course online  

Complete the Course

Participate in the 2-hour online training experience at your own pace  

Reflect on New Knowledge

Put the tool into action and provide intentional interventions to help support the parent-child relationship 

See What’s Included with the Course 

This course is broken into three objectives that will teach you about an observation framework that can be used to gather information about parent-child interaction. 

Objective 1

Why are Parent-Child Interactions Important to Observe? 

Discuss the importance and benefits of observing parent-child interactions. 

Objective 2

CHEEERS- An Observational Tool 

You will be introduced to the observational tool, CHEEERS, learn the purpose of CHEEERS, when to use this tool, what each letter of the CHEEERS acronym stands for, and how to use the observational questions. 

Objective 3

Next Steps for Using CHEEERS 

Learn best practices recommendations for CHEEERS, and how to support families when parenting is stressful. 

When you take this course, you will explore how using the acronym CHEEERS, supports secure attachment parent-child relationships by identifying and increasing positive parent-child interactions. 

You can make a world of difference for a family! 


“I enjoyed learning in multiple ways instead of just hearing a person speak the entire time.”

“The material was served in doses easy enough to comprehend and build off of.”

“I took away being present and aware of both positive and not-so-positive CHEEERS aspects in regards to what a parent is doing.”

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