Competency Building Approach

The “GKI Approach” is a 3-step capacity-building model for developing result-driven programs and the staff skills required for implementing a network of effective, community-wide parenting and early childhood programs.  Our integrated approach consists of:

  • Program Planning
  • Specialized Staff Training & Evidenced Based Curricula
  • Minimum use of lecture or passive learning approaches
  • Capacity-Building for On-going Technical Assistance & Quality Management

  • Systematic outreach to parents, prenatally or shortly after a child’s birth, offering the type of support that will make the best use of a community’s financial resources
  • Strength-Based, Solution-Focused & Relationship-Centered Practice at all levels of program planning and implementation
  • The cultivation of secure parent-child attachment relationships, as they wire the brain for optimal functioning and provide children with the foundations for healthy growth and development
  • Viewing the child within the context of the family, providing practical tools for motivating and strengthening parents and family relationships
  • Specialized hands-on, skill-driven training aimed at building staff competencies
  • Home Visiting Growing Great Kids Curricula, with a primary focus on building the parenting and caregiver competencies that give programs consistently strong results
  • Strong Clinical, Administrative & Reflective Supervision

GKI’s program planning and training seminars aim to foster the growth of staff competencies at all program and system levels. During the program planning process, community professionals and other stakeholders gain an appreciation for how to develop the most cost-effective system of resources for reaching out to parents. Beginning prenatally, GKI’s programs enable the building of protective factors in families that will improve childhood health and developmental outcomes while reducing the incidence of child abuse and neglect.

Our approach is based in the belief that nurturing, protecting and providing children with the right kind of stimulation in their home and childcare environments are the cornerstones of human progress. During the program planning process, we provide communities with the research and tools they need to advocate for a system of integrated programs aimed at giving children the very best start in life. By reducing the incidence of adverse childhood experiences in the present, communities can look forward to a future with healthy, productive citizens, who are capable leaders and tomorrow’s problem solvers.

As the spectrum of parenting support services evolve in a community, state or province, GKI offers specialized training programs and evidence-based curricula for home visiting. Our skill driven seminars provide home visitors with a practical, conceptual framework. They gain the necessary tools to support parents in forming secure attachment relationships, providing age sensitive developmental stimulation, and strengthening their family. To develop solid, on-the-job skills, GKI provides hands-on practice during our seminars and offers program supervisors Post-Training Skill-Transfer Activity Packages. These Post-Training Activities provide guidelines for structured practice of the new skills learned during GKI seminars, providing staff with opportunities to reflect upon their effectiveness in real-time with program families and their children. Research shows this is a key element in the transfer of learning to skill retention and generalization.

Inherent to the GKI Approach is the critical role program Supervisors play in being a “Transfer Agent” for the growth of staff skills. To attain outstanding program results, it is essential that Supervisors are mindful of what motivates adult learners and that they have the tools needed to foster the growth of on-the-job skills.