GKI Training

As with any new job, mastering the competencies to produce successful outcomes requires training, practice and on-going coaching. Great Kids, Inc. can support you in evolving the skills of your program staff. We offer a wide range of quality trainings and a comprehensive parent-child and family support curriculum that are tailored to meet the specific needs of programs working with parents of children prenatally to age 5 in home visiting and parent group settings.

A common thread in all of our seminars is the focus on supporting parents in developing positive attachment relationships with their infants and toddlers along with enhancing family self-sufficiency.

What distinguishes GKI seminars from others you might be considering?

  • Primary focus on learning practical and proven strategies for building relationships with parents and motivating responsive parenting
  • Learning through experiential methods
  • Minimum use of lecture or passive learning approaches
  • Effective tools for the multidisciplinary infant, toddler, and family field
  • Integrated systems package for core training and parenting/child development curriculum (Growing Great Kids)
  • Seminars facilitated by trainers with many years of hands-on program experience, able to address most any question or challenge faced by a participant
  • Follow-up phone and email accessibility to trainers

How will my program benefit from a GKI seminar?

  • Increases in family engagement and retention
  • Learning through experiential methods
  • Ease in transferring learning to on-the-job skills
  • Improved levels of staff competence
  • Clear focus on program goals during visits with families and supervision
  • Outstanding outcomes for children and families

“Training for parent visitors, family support workers and early childhood education.”

Training available in English and Spanish!