The Next Generation

Great Kids has been up to some exciting things for the past couple of years, and we are finally ready to share with the rest of the world! We have completed our most comprehensive update of our GGK Prenatal to 36 months (GGK P36) curriculum series – we call it the “GGK P36 NEXT GENERATION” series.

It has been a labor of love for us. We intentionally reviewed all components of the curriculum, listened to feedback from the field, and incorporated the best practices in early childhood for our revisions, and the result is spectacular.

The updates to the birth to 36 months child development books are smart, creative, and extensive. Some of the things that we are most excited about include:

  • Parent’s Voice and Parent’s Choice is weaved throughout to encourage home visitors to partner with families to explore the topics they are most interested in.
  • Cultural humility is practiced throughout the updated and new manuals, as evidenced by gender-neutral language and culture icon reminders for home visitors.
  • Our research base is cited.
  • A home visit planning tool is included as well as interactive handouts for use with parents.
  • The Daily Dos and Attachment Boosters are updated and have modules dedicated to each of them.

Our team also designed three new components to the GGK P36 Next Generation package, including a Fidelity Guide, Jump Start manual, and a Key Ingredients ring.

  • The Fidelity Guide offers all of the best practice recommendations in one perfect place. You will find the answers to nearly all the questions that we have been asked over the years.
  • Jump Start is a perfect addition to the series as it includes all the Daily Do and Attachment Boosters introductions for families – beginning in the prenatal period.
  • The Key Ingredients ring is a laminated set of Daily Dos and Attachment Boosters for home visitors to utilize on every visit to keep the essential parent skill-building tools incorporated into all visits.

We invite you to learn more by checking out any one of the numerous options, including attending a live or recorded webinar, reading the information on our website, or emailing to spend time one-on-one with our staff to learn more.

We are eager to join you in caring for the Next Generation of families. Working together, we can assure that all children grow up to feel safe and secure, loved and valued, capable, and curious.

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