Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum provides home visitors and parents with the knowledge and skills needed to support preschool-aged children in optimizing developmental outcomes.

Building empathic parenting skills for interacting with preschool-aged children in ways that bolster development and nurture security in their relationships.

GGK for Preschoolers™ Curriculum

Growing Great Kids® for Preschoolers (GGK PrS) provides home visitors and parents with the knowledge and skills needed to support preschool-aged children in forming:

  • Secure attachment relationships
  • Strong self-esteem
  • Curious minds capable of creative and critical thinking
  • Proficient receptive & expressive language/communication
  • Cooperative peer relationships
  • Age-appropriate impulse control
  • Habits foundational to making healthy life choices
  • Social and academic building blocks for school success

With the GGK® PrS Growing Great Families Curriculum modules, parents learn strategies for building a secure family base and growing protective buffers essential for raising mentally and physically healthy children.

Our GGK PrS Curriculum includes:

Growing Great Kids® for Preschoolers Curriculum Manual: Includes 24 parent education modules, aimed at expanding parental understanding of the needs and development of preschool children, while cultivating their parenting skills.

Growing Great Families® Curriculum Manual: Offers research-based tools for strengthening family foundations, enhancing stress management & problem-solving skills, and forming protective family & community-based buffers for protecting children from the effects of childhood trauma. 

Play with Me!3 & Play with Me!4 Manuals and Handouts: Activities for Three and Four-Year-Olds and their Families. The full set contains over 400 child development activities, grouped into 7 Learning Domains to support the creation of joyful interactions between parents and their children.

Downloadable Parent Handouts & Activities with reproduction license.


What home visitors and parents are saying about Great Kids.

Photo of Krystal Layne, MSW, CSW, HANDS Program Manager at the Clark County Health Department in Winchester, KY.

“As a home visitor, supervisor, trainer and most recently as a mother I cannot say enough good things about this curriculum. I love that this curriculum gives home visitors, parents, and caregivers tangible tools that they can easily incorporate in their daily routines to support all domains of their child’s development.”

Krystal Layne, MSW, CSW

HANDS Program Manager, Clark County Health Department Winchester, KY

"I'm learning that Great Kids isn't just a corporation. They are a group of folks who deep down in their hearts, really care about the quality of the information in these manuals, that their curriculum is user-friendly, and they take feedback from us, from the customers. And that is what's really fantastic."

Child Development Specialist
Modesto, California

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Growing Great Kids® Next Generation P-36

Our latest effort to support the work of Home Visiting, our Growing Great Kids® Next Generation (GGK®) Curriculum materials.

GGK® for Preschoolers

A Curriculum & Certification Program for Home Visitors aimed at fostering the growth of nurturing, developmentally enriched parenting skills, building protective factors for children 3 to 5 years old.

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Start by scheduling a free 30-minute webinar to learn more about how your organization might benefit from Great Kids™ affordable curriculum with no recurring costs.

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Great Kids™ has incorporated decades of theoretical and empirical foundations regarding the kinds of interventions that have been shown to make a difference for children into the Growing Great Kids® Prenatal to 5 Years and Growing Great Families® curricula.

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