Healthy Families America and Great Kids, Inc. - A Strategic Alliance

Healthy Families America and Great Kids, Inc. Healthy Families America and Great Kids, Inc. have worked in partnership for many years focused on the development & delivery of training & curriculum for Healthy Families America (HFA) sites. Current state and federal accountability standards require use of evidence-based home visiting models and demonstration of program fidelity, making it essential for HFA providers to utilize high quality, cutting edge skills and strategies aimed at best practices for supporting the families participating in HFA.

A Message from Kathleen Strader, Chief Program Officer and National Director, Healthy Families America

The HFA model is unique in its approach. It is aligned with three major principles: 1) trauma-informed 2) attachment/relationship focused, and 3) grounded in reflective practice. Once families have been supported in a way that builds parental capacity to be present and eager to learn, HFA providers should complement their work with engaging curriculum materials that follow the parent’s lead and optimize the parent-child relationship. The Growing Great Kids curriculum is closely aligned with HFA’s approach and offers a solid fit for HFA home visitors for these reasons.

The GGK Curriculum is designed to foster the growth of secure attachment

  • Part of HFA’s trauma-informed approach is to learn about each parent’s early childhood experiences and stressors, identifying both the strengths/protective factors and challenges parents may face. Many families who have experienced adverse childhood experiences may have difficulty with bonding and attachment. It is therefore important to use a curriculum designed to promote social-emotional development which includes bonding and attachment.
  • A primary GGK focus is on growing empathic parent-child relationships and secure attachments. There is a strong emphasis on supporting parents in responding sensitively to the needs and development of their children.
  • GGK utilizes a solution focused format, essentially creating “teachable moments” by asking parents what knowledge they have about a certain topic before providing information. The curriculum is not scripted, but creates a structure for conversation building. Each module provides step-by-step interactive questions to actively engage parents in the conversation so they do not feel they are being given advice or being talked down to.

The GGK curriculum supports the training staff receive in Foundations for Family Support training

  • HFA’s Foundations for Family Support training provides a vehicle for attunement with parents, and focuses on how to create an environment using a culturally humble approach so parents are empowered to make the decisions that work best for their families.
  • The GGK Curriculum supports many of the strategies that are inherent in HFA’s Foundations training, and offers additional Growing Great Families (GGF) modules that are specifically designed to promote Protective Factors.
  • The GGK Curriculum also offers a staff development program. Supervisors learn how to build staff competence in using the curriculum. Supervisors receive monthly guides for continuing to build staff competencies following GGK Seminars. Post training consultation is offered at no additional charge.

The Growing Great Kids curriculum aligns with and builds upon the HFA model approach.

HFA Affiliated programs should contact Healthy Families America for scheduling Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting and Parent Survey for Community Outreach, core trainings for home visitors, family assessment workers and supervisors/program managers.