Growing Great Kids Next Generation Curricula Earns Prestigious Evidence-Based Ranking

The Growing Great Kids Next Generation Curricula Products earns the highest ranking on evidence on the latest Parenting Curricula Review Databases.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, and Office of Head Start rank Next Generation as Evidence-Based. 

An assessment of parenting curricula for families in Head Start and Early Head Start programs was released by the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement team. This team of independent reviewers examined each curriculum using the Parenting Curriculum Decision-Making Checklist. The review process included an initial assessment of publicly available information on the web. In cases where curricula met basic criteria described in the checklist, developers were asked to describe the curriculum and were contacted for an interview. The databases summarize the information gathered from interviews, manuals, facilitator’s guides, and any additional materials provided by developers.

The team’s rankings on level of evidence include (from lowest to highest) “Research Informed,” “Research Based,” “Promising Research Based,” and “Evidence Based.” The Growing Great Kids Next Generation curricula, Prenatal to 36 Months and Preschool, both received the highest ranking of Evidence-Based. Growing Great Kids Next Generation for Preschoolers was one of only three curricula to receive this ranking for this age group, and Growing Great Kids Next Generation P-36 was one of only five curricula to receive this prestigious ranking. 

According to the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center website, the evidence-based ranking means that evidence from rigorous research studies demonstrates the curriculum has shown significant, positive effects on child development.

To see the full database:

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Growing Great Kids®

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Over 37,000 people have been trained to use the Great Kids curricula

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The Growing Great Kids Home Based Curricula Series exceeds all Head Start Curriculum requirements

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