Growing Great Families

The Growing Great Families (GGF) curriculum is a Family Strengthening, Stress Management, and Life Skills Curriculum.  It is a component of the Growing Great Kids Parenting, Attachment, and Child Development Curriculum series, and is available as a stand-alone resource.  The GGF manual contains a series of modules aimed at building “Protective Buffers” for children and promoting parenting resiliency by:

  • Offering parents insights into their personal and family assets
  • Strengthening a family’s foundations
  • Motivating growth and change
  • Physical and brain development
  • Supporting parents to build skills for reducing and better managing their stress
  • Enriching parent’s life skills

All of the GGF modules provide home visitors with interactive, strength-based and solution focused conversation guides.  In utilizing this curriculum, home visitors expand their competencies for encouraging parents to identify and express their opinions, thus laying the foundation for true partnerships with program families.  GKI believes that as parents grow their Protective Buffers, family foundations and resiliency, they gain the skills needed for nurturing and protecting their children.

Certification for the use of the GGF manual is acquired through participation in a Growing Great Kids or Growing Great Families certification seminar.

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