Supervisor Tools

Our certification packages include complimentary supervisory skill development and post training support.

Ongoing professional development resources for Supervisors and program leadership. 

Supervisor Tools

Great Kids™ recognizes the critical role program Supervisors play in being a “Transfer Agent” for the growth of staff skills. To attain outstanding program results, it is essential that Supervisors are mindful of what motivates adult learners and that they have the tools needed to foster the growth of on-the-job skills for Home Visitors.

Our certification packages include comprehensive, complimentary, post training supports to guide Supervisor activities to provide staff with opportunities to reflect upon their effectiveness in real-time with program families and children. Post training supports cover a wide spectrum of key components to support fidelity to implementation and best practices.

Products for Supervisor Skill Development


RE-MAP is a supervisory model that incorporates reflective, clinical and administrative elements to enhance the skills of supervisors who manage staff utilizing the Growing Great Kids® Curricula.  The RE-MAP seminar teaches three primary functions of supervision – administration, education, and support. Supervisors develop a framework and guidelines for interacting with staff, using a strength-based approach within and outside supervisory sessions. Access to this resource is included in the cost of Supervisor Certification.

Great F.I.T.

Great F.I.T. (Fidelity Implementation Training) resources are designed for Supervisors who have completed their Growing Great Kids® Supervisors Prenatal to 36 months Classic Certification. Fidelity implementation of the Curriculum is critical to child and family outcomes. This course includes a downloadable Implementation Planning Guide and five videos designed to guide supervisors through developing a GGK® Implementation Plan. Access to this resource is included in the cost of Supervisor Certification.

GGK® Refresh

This series of short video units are designed to serve as a reminder of the essential concepts of the Growing Great Kids® Prenatal to 36 months Classic Curriculum. By reviewing these units, participants will Refresh their knowledge and be motivated to rejuvenate their home visiting competencies and skills. Our best practice recommendation is that Supervisors use these videos with teams and lead small group discussions around the content of each video. Access to this resource is included in the cost of Supervisor Certification.

Home Visit Observation

This course is designed to guide Supervisors in their Home Visitor Observations of staff certified in the Growing Great Kids® Prenatal to 36 months Classic Curriculum. The 35-minute video walks through everything a supervisor should know to complete a Home Visit observation for staff using GGK® curriculum. The Home Visit Observation Form may be downloaded within this course. Access to this resource is included in the cost of Supervisor Certification.

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What supervisors, home visitors, and parents are saying about Great Kids.

"I was looking for a foundational training for my home visitors that was comprehensive and focused on practical application. I needed something that would meet the needs of home visitors with different levels of education. This seminar was just the best!"

Program Manager


"I just wanted to let you know GGK is going great here. I am working with a couple who is just soaking it up! Their confidence as parents has increased, and I’ve only been with them for about 2 months now! They are very receptive to the curriculum, and that helps make my job so much easier, and so much more fun and productive.”

Home Visitor


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Growing Great Kids® Next Generation P-36

Our latest effort to support the work of Home Visiting, our Growing Great Kids® Next Generation (GGK®) Curriculum materials.

GGK® for Preschoolers

A Curriculum & Certification Program for Home Visitors aimed at fostering the growth of nurturing, developmentally enriched parenting skills, building protective factors for children 3 to 5 years old.

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Great Kids™ has incorporated decades of theoretical and empirical foundations regarding the kinds of interventions that have been shown to make a difference for children into the Growing Great Kids® Prenatal to 5 Years and Growing Great Families® curricula.

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The research-based principles of the Protective Factors Framework were foundational in the development of the Growing Great Kids® Curriculum.

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