A Farewell Message From Our CEO

It is with a mixture of gratitude, melancholy, and excitement for the future that I announce my resignation as the Great Kids, Inc. CEO. My last day will be May 31, 2024.

I am so grateful for my 20 years with Great Kids, working in different capacities – either as a user of the curriculum, a Great Kids’ trainer/consultant or as the CEO for the last seven years.

I have had many special moments during this love affair with Great Kids – and many of you were part of those moments. Families and children taught me about true love – soul-affirming love. My workmates showed me grace and how wonderful it feels when it flows upon you. Our Great Kids partners reflected commitment, compassion, and a desire for the greater good to me daily. Many of you laughed with me until we had tears.

It has been a remarkable 20 years for which I will always be grateful and humbled. Leaving an organization that you love so much does create some feelings of sadness, but those are quickly replaced with joy for what Great Kids has been in my life and for the bright future for Great Kids. I am thrilled to be able to watch where Great Kids goes next with their non-profit endeavors as they continue to develop products and elevate all of us in how we care for children, families, one another, and communities.

The phenomenal Great Kids Board of Directors has initiated searches for both an interim CEO and a full-time CEO. Our Board is committed to the work of Great Kids and each of you. They are focused on supporting our organization and partners with strong leadership to help light the way for our future. 

If you need any support during the interim, please contact a senior member of the Great Kids Leadership team, including Brad Bower, Dana Broadway, Esthela Navarro, or Jennifer Hayes, by calling 1-800-906-5581 or emailing info@greatkidsinc.net. Our Board President, Kelly Stone, may also be contacted at stone.kelly@gmail.com.

Again, thank you for this amazing journey!

Best regards,

Shawna Donaldson

Chief Executive Officer

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