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Post Certification Support

Mastering the competencies to produce successful outcomes requires training, practice and on-going coaching. Great Kids® offers competency development seminars for practitioners partnering with families to strengthen their family relationships and to optimize the development and health outcomes for their children.

Our job-specific certifications focus on building staff skills for implementing effective parenting and early childhood programs at all program levels. Program Supervisors and Managers are oriented to a wide variety of field-tested, efficient supervisory/management systems and instruments for implementing an effective home visiting program.

Preschool Tier 2 Certification for Home Visitors

At Great Kids we believe that participation in the Tier 1 Certification seminar is only one piece of the learning process. Research indicates that learning that occurs during a workshop is only transferred to job skills when there is additional support and accountability. This Growing Great Kids® Staff Development program is designed to continue to support staff in the learning process as they begin implementation of the curriculum. Completion of this Tier 2 Certification will help anchor the Home Visitor’s ability to use the full curriculum materials in an intentional and informed manner that will result in optimizing outcomes for children and families.

RE-MAP for Supervision

Great Kids has developed and offers training in a supervisory model, RE-MAP Supervision, that incorporates reflective, clinical, and administrative elements. It aims to build home visitor skills while creating a strength-based, results-driven work environment.

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What home visitors and parents are saying about Great Kids.

Photo of Traycee Miller Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families Georgia.

“The Growing Great Kids curriculum means that I have the opportunity of sharing such valuable information and lots of information with families that I serve. Information that has been researched and is evidence based, but not only that, information that is very supporting and encouraging in understanding parenting. Understanding the importance of parent-child interaction, bonding and attachment, understanding in what your child developmental milestones are and having them reach those milestones.”

Traycee Miller

Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families Georgia

Image of video still from testimonial video by Jennifer Gutierrez of Stanislaus County Office of Education.

"We came across Great Kids, Growing Great Kids and it didn’t take us very long at all to read and understand that Great Kids had a curriculum that aligns perfectly with everything that we need here for our early home-based programs."

Jennifer Gutierrez

Child Development Specialist, Stanislaus County Office of Education

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