Head Start/Early Head Start

 As a mission-driven, non-profit organization, Great Kids, Inc. is dedicated to supporting early childhood and home-based programs in the most effective ways possible. Our Growing Great Kids and Growing Great Families – Prenatal to 5 Parenting and Home Visiting curricula and certification seminars are tailored for programs that support parents in raising competent, compassionate children with the skills to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Our research-based parenting curriculum is unique in that it fosters optimal child development by enhancing parent-child relationships. Our curriculum is designed to help families master six essential parenting skills sets. These skill sets, or Daily Do’s, are based on decades of research that indicates enhanced child development across all the learning domains included in the Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Supporting parents to understand and practice these critical parenting skills is an integral focus of Growing Great Kids’ more than 400 development enhancing activities designed to encourage parent-child interaction.

Our Growing Great Kids/Growing Great Families curricula provide built-in family strengthening elements providing step-by-step guides for supporting parents as they identify their values, use their personal assets to reduce stress, learn problem-solving strategies, utilize community resources, and re-focus on their children during difficult times.

More than simply a child development curriculum, GGK contains over 115 modules that include strengths-based, solution-focused strategies for sharing developmentally appropriate information on parenting, child development, health, safety, nutrition, and stress management.

In the tradition of Head Start, through our materials and professional development programs, practitioners enhance their ability to engage parents and motivate them to be their child’s first and most important teacher; all within the context of their own family values, traditions, and culture.