GGK: What Staff and Parents are saying…

T.J. N.

“Thanks! I am enjoying doing the home visits so much more now. I find the daily-do’s (parenting skills) sooo much easier to incorporate and I am seeing that look on the parents’ faces….you know, that look that shows light bulbs going off in their heads and that they feel like they really can do this parenting thing. I love it! Thanks again……LOVED the training! Happy Spring”

Home Visitor, Saskatchewan

“The entire seminar has been helpful in learning a new way to engage parents and keep them interested.”

Home Visitor, AZ

“The training is so hands on. Bringing parents and children into the training to practice with gave me the confidence to use the curriculum right away. The practice during the seminar made it real.”

Danielle, Home Visitor, NE

“I just wanted to let you know GGK is going great here. I am working with a couple who is just soaking it up! Last night they told me they really like the program because they are realizing they are good parents and are doing a lot of the right things. Their confidence as parents has increased, and I’ve only been with them for about 2 months now! They are very receptive to the curriculum, and that helps make my job so much easier, and so much more fun and productive.”

Home Visitor, Kentucky

“I was truly inspired. Excellent. Best training I have been to.”

Jennifer, MN with four years of experience using the GGK curriculum with both English and Spanish-speaking families

“In the beginning, the curriculum guided and taught me how to translate the abstract concepts and valuable research information, I was excited about, into concrete and practical ways that families could really use to reach our ultimate goal: developing healthy parent-child relationships that foster curiosity and life success. Now that I have used the curriculum for four years and I feel more competent, I am also able to bring more depth and fluency to visits by tailoring the curriculum to fit the specific interests and needs of families from a variety of different backgrounds.”

Early Head Start Home Visitor, KS

“I have gone through so much training, at first I did not want to attend the Growing Great Kids Training…and I am so glad I did! I have been working in my program for 2 years and GGK has made my job exciting and productive. Parents just love the curriculum! They are now doing the activities and the GGK Daily Do’s (parenting interactions) with their children. And, I have trouble getting out the door at the end of the visit because the parents still want to talk.”

Preschool Teacher, NWT, Canada

“Love the Preschool Learning Pods….makes planning weekly activities so much easier.”

Infant/Toddler Teacher, Florida

“All the feedback I was given after doing practice sessions with our classroom children was helpful. Now I know what my strengths are.”

Joyce B., MN with seven years of experience using the GGK curriculum

“In addition to using the Growing Great Kids curriculum weekly and sequentially with my families, I have been able to use it as a quick reference guide for a specific parent concern. For example, if they ask about teething before we reach that section in the curriculum, I look up the topic in the table of contents and share that information with the parent. If they have additional concerns beyond what the curriculum offers, I refer them to their pediatrician (health department). Also, the developmental checklists found in the Social and Emotional Development section and the Physical and Brain Development section helps to reassure the parent that their child is following normal developmental stages. And then there are the numerous activities for the parent to do with their child to help strengthen their bond and the baby’s brain connections.”

Home Visitor, MN

“I received a message from one of my clients that participated in our training. The phone message said “Hi. This is _____. I was just calling to see when you could come out with those books and do more with me. Call back when you get this message.”

Program Manager, California

“I was looking for a foundational training for my home visitors that was comprehensive and focused on practical application. I needed something that would meet the needs of home visitors with different levels of education. This seminar was just the best!”

Home Visitor, Manitoba

“The Daily Do’s (parenting skills) how simple they can be explained to parents. Thank. I had a great learning experience.”

EHS Supervisor

The Integrated Strategies Seminar has made all the difference in the world for my home visitors. They have a much better understanding of their role, appropriate professional boundaries and ways to communicate with parents to engage them and help them grow.”

EHS home visitor

“The feedback in I received after practicing a module with a family was strength focused. I now feel confident to use this curriculum.”

First Nations Classroom Teacher

“This training helped me a lot. My life is not the same anymore.”

Home Visitor, Florida

“This training program was possibly the best for me, the icing on the cake. Wow. Thumbs Up. Excellent.”