Growing Great Kids® Prenatal-36 Months Classic Version

Transformative, skill-driven curriculum 

Research-based, strength-based, and solution focused content for home visitors to use with families.

GGK Prenatal-36 Months Classic Version

Growing Great Kids builds Home Visitor competencies for promoting parent engagement, building relationship-based partnerships with families, cultivating the growth of secure attachment relationships, supporting family interactions that optimize growth and development, nurturing resilient families to help balance risk and protective factors, and sustain professional effectiveness.

Using the Growing Great Kids Prenatal-36 Months Curriculum and associated materials requires that Supervisors and Home Visitors attend a skill-driven Tier 1 Certification Seminar. We offer our seminars in two formats:

Classroom: Our in-person classroom certification seminar consists of four full days of engaging instruction. During the seminar, participants have many opportunities to practice using the interactive conversation guides and strength-based, solution-focused concepts. Participants also observe a live demonstration using a GGK Curriculum module and activities.

Virtual: Just like our in-person program, our virtual certification seminar is an engaging, enriching and fun learning experience. This blended learning model consists of five days of training with 3 hours of instructor-led virtual instruction each day followed by 2 hours of independent learning time. It includes an orientation call prior to the scheduled seminar week to support participants with familiarizing themselves with the technology, to answer any general questions and to set expectations for the virtual seminar week.

Included with the certification training are:

Growing Great Kids Prenatal Manual

This manual provides practiotioners with conversation guides to support prenatal families with developing attachments with their prenatal baby, understanding their pregnancy and developing baby, and strengthening their family. 

Growing Great Kids Birth to 12 Months Manual

This manual provides guidance and acitivites for families with babie birth to 12 months of age. It includes conversation guides on topics including basic care, social/emotional development, physcial and brain development, language development, and play and stimulation. 

Growing Great Kids 13 to 24 Months Manual

This manual includes conversation guides for use with families with children who are developmentally within this age range. 

Growing Great Kids 25 to 36 Months Manual

This manual includes conversation guides for use with families with children who are developmentally within this age range. 

Growing Great Families Manual

This manual focuses on strengthening family foundations, stress management, life skills, building protective buffers, and promoting parental resilience. All of the GGF modules provide home visitors with interactive, strength-based, and solution-focused conversation guides.

Growing Great Kids Tier 2 Premium

This online learning program includes GGK learning activities and assignments designed for home visitors to complete with the support of their Supervisors. The content is focused on the 8 Home Visitor Competencies  which enhance the Home Visitor’s use of the Growing Great Kids Curriculum.

Great Kids-Great Start

This course is designed specifically for newly hired Home Visitors not yet Growing Great Kids® certified and provides the foundational knowledge and skills that result in relationship-based, child-focused, family-driven, and strength-enhancing visits. It includes parent handouts and conversation guides for up to 4-months of family visits. 

Parent Handouts

Over 500 parent handouts in English and Spanish including a reproduction license for making copies for distribution to program families. 

FOR SUPERVISORS: GGK Great F.I.T.: Fidelity Implementation Training

Fidelity implementation of the Curriculum is critical to child and family outcomes. Our Great F.I.T. (Fidelity Implementation Training) program is designed for Supervisors and includes a downloadable Implementation Planning Guide and videos to guide supervisors through developing a GGK Implementation Plan.

FOR SUPERVISORS: RE-MAP: A Model for Supervising Home Visitors

A 3-day supervision seminar focused on enhancing supervisors’ skills to be reflective while supporting home visitors in building their competencies. 

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