Growing Great Kids™: Center-Based & Family Care Professional Development

Birth to 3 Years Certification Course
Preschool Certification Course

Growing Great Kids In Center-Based & Family Care (GGK CBFC) Professional Development Programs, for Birth to 3 and Preschool Teachers/Caregivers, stand alone with their primary focus on building relationships with children that support infant/childhood social, emotional and mental health. These skill-driven certification courses, with complementary curricula components, enrich childcare environments by cultivating GGK's Daily Do's: 6 Essential Teacher/Caregiver Skill Sets, aimed at providing responsive, empathic care while offering children developmentally sensitive stimulation.

GKI offers 2 methods for delivering GGK CBFC Teacher/Caregiver Professional Certification Courses, designed with flexible scheduling alternatives to meet the time constraints of center-based teachers and family caregivers. Structured in a "module format", these Birth to 3 & Preschool Courses can be delivered sequentially in week long seminars, or individually in 3-4 hour workshops. Each can be selected to build identified training needs within convenient, teacher/caregiver time frames.

GGK CBFC Professional Development Programs consist of comprehensive, teacher/caregiver training modules and curricula that include Child Development Activities as well as culturally inclusive, graphically engaging, Parent Resource Materials.

GKI offers 2 options for advancing your teacher/caregiver skills with GGK's Birth to 3 Years or GGK for Preschoolers Professional Development Courses:

  • Train The Trainer (TTT) Institutes: 4.5-Day GGK CBFC Trainer Certifications (for Birth to 3 or Preschool Early Childhood Educators/Lead Teachers)
  • 4.5-Day On-Site Birth to 3 or Preschool Teacher/Caregiver Certification Courses (facilitated by a GGK Master Trainer)

Early childhood Educators attending TTT Institutes grow skills for teaching GGK's Daily Do's, 6 essential teacher/caregiver skill sets and facilitating GGK CBFC Professional Development modules.

Growing Great Kids CBFC Certification Courses

The GGK In Center-Based & Family Care Certification Courses, delivered by a GGK Master Trainer or your own certified GGK CBFC Trainer, are unique in that they are skill-driven rather than information-focused.

Building on academic teacher education programs, they encapsulate early childhood development and best care practices into 6 easy to remember, practical Teaching/Caregiving Strategies aimed at nurturing children with strong self esteem, curious minds, empathic social relationships and the problem solving skills imperative to successfully navigating their world.

Course modules feature:

  • Highly interactive, stimulating presentations and activities tailored for experienced adult learners
  • Live and video demonstrations of GGK Daily Do's: Empathic, Developmentally Sensitive Care/Teaching Practices…All with social & emotional health at their core
  • Strategies for partnering with parents to support their child's development & health, reduce their stress and build protective family and community-based buffers
  • In-Classroom Coaching on enhancing your care environment for "best practice" and to be in compliance with Program Standards (E/HS)
  • Practice using GGK Child Development Activities, each coded with the E/HS
  • 8 Domains, facilitating Goal Planning to optimize child development outcomes
  • Tools and Communication Strategies to use with parents, in conjunction with GGK Parent Handouts, for motivating parents to be sensitive and developmentally responsive with their children.
  • "Best Practice" discipline strategies for the childcare center & family care environment

For any Home Visiting Program, Preschools or Child Care Provider of children, ages 3-5.


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