Technical Assistance and Quality Improvement
Specialist Certification Course

With the expansion of home visiting systems across the continent, many states/provinces are developing their capacity to support their programs by hiring technical assistance and quality assurance staff. It is often difficult however, to find TAQI staff who have a wide range of knowledge and experience in all areas of home visiting program development and implementation. The TAQI Certification process is intended to provide state/province level TAQI staff with a multi-phase, multi-dimensional, supportive process that will share with them the breadth of knowledge and experience of several states and provinces in all areas of program development and implementation. Through this process, sites better assure the development of a quality, comprehensive system of support for the programs in the state/province. Each Certification Course is specifically tailored to the needs and experiences of individual TAQI staff and state/provincial systems.

Great Kids, Inc. has worked with emerging and existing home visiting programs and state systems in the United States and Canada to enhance the development of exceptional service systems for new parents and their children.

We have extensive experience in developing effective in-state/in-province capacity for Technical Assistance/Quality Assurance systems to enhance the development of exceptional services for new parents and their children. GKI provides the only Certification Course for TAQA Specialists within the specialized home visitation systems of states and provinces.

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GKI's Technical Assistance and Quality Improvement Specialist (TAQI) Certification Course offers an integrated, multidisciplinary approach for achieving remarkable system-wide results. The goal of this certification course is to prepare TAQI specialists to:

  • Assess state/province/system wide strengths and opportunities for growth
  • As needed, modify program design to optimize effectiveness and efficiency
  • Provide individual programs with strength-based, results-driven implementation assistance
  • Support enhanced performance of all administrative and service delivery components throughout the system

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