About GKI

Start Up Consultation

This 3 Day Consultation is designed specifically for individual sites or systems in the process of planning quality management processes. It aims to provide a strength-based, objective review of a program's assets and areas for growth. It includes: a preview of program data; on-site visit with staff, home visit observations and review of documentation; an on-site strength-based overview of findings with supervisors/program managers; and a written summary including program strengths and practical suggestions for further development towards best practice

If you are interested in receiving technical assistance from Great Kids, Inc., please call 1-800-906-5581

Since the 1980's, Great Kids, Inc. has provided direct technical assistance to Healthy Start, Healthy Families and other home visiting programs across the U.S., in Canada, Japan and the Philippines. In addition to supporting the development of individual sites, Great Kids, Inc. has also worked with states and provinces to develop effective training, technical assistance, funding and other state/province-level infrastructures. See how our technical assistance can support your state/provincial leadership.