Brief Introduction: Seminars and Curricula

The Great FIT (Fidelity Implementation Training) resources are designed for Supervisors who have completed their Growing Great Kids Supervisor Certification. Fidelity implementation of the GGK/GGF curricula is critical to child and family outcomes. Access to this resource is included in the cost of Supervisor Certification.

Newly hired Home Visitors gain “Great Kids” materials to use during family visits prior to their becoming GGK certified. Introductory modules and E-Learning courses provide a good foundation for Growing Great Kids curriculum, training, and best practices to use during family visits to set the stage for Home visitors to have meaningful, relationship-focused, family-driven and child-centered visits prior to their participation in a comprehensive GGK Certification Seminar, required by GGK Licensing Terms and Conditions.

Successfully navigating the often unpredictable waters of home visiting requires having the right tools and knowing how to use them. The knowledge and skills acquired in this seminar are essential to achieving strong outcomes in all home visiting models.

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Do you have a systematic approach for determining which of the families in your community will benefit most from home visiting and the other resources available for parents and young children? The Parent Survey is an easy to use, validated tool for helping you assess the family's strengths and their stressors related to child abuse and neglect.

Growing Great Kids stands alone among all early childhood curriculum with its interactive emphasis on the Parent-Child Relationship, Infant Mental Health and Strengthening Family Foundations. This skill-driven training program, certifying home visitors and supervisors, has no recertification, on-going or annual fees.

Designed to meet the challenges of parenting Preschoolers, this Growing Great Kids series focuses on cultivating empathic parenting while supporting parents to be their child's very own Development Specialist. A one-time investment results in cost savings for programs.

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The transformative, 2014 Growing Great Families Curriculum offers Home Visitors and Supervisors a host of new, research-informed, "state of the art" tools for engaging and Supporting growth in parents, who themselves have experienced childhood adversity and other traumatic events. It offers many new modules aimed at: nurturing parental resiliency; bolstering individual & family functioning; reducing exposure to toxic stress; building problem-solving skills; strengthening support networks; and constructing protective buffers around children. For more information call 1-800-906-5581

This curriculum and training series offers comprehensive professional development for Center-Based teachers and in-home child caregiver. Using a skill driven training model, teachers/caregivers put six essential teaching/caregiving skill sets into practice in conjunction with transferring their academic training into developmentally sensitive, nurturing interactions with children and their parents.

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Great Kids, Inc. offers bilingual trainers and Spanish Home Visiting Curricula for prenatal – age 5 years.

Great Kids, Inc. will assist you in building your in-system sustainable training capacity. Our Mentoring Approach to training trainers has resulted in exceptional competence and longevity.

Program fidelity, outstanding sustained program outcomes, high morale, and support from funders have resulted when systems have invested in GKI's Certification Course for Technical Assistance and Quality Improvement Specialists. Given the current evidence based climate, programs cannot afford to be without a Technical Assistance and Quality Improvement Team.

As home visiting programs evolve, so do their needs for ongoing professional development. With more than 25 years of experience training home visitors and supervisors, GKI has crafted 8 Advanced Practice Seminars aimed at competency enhancement.

Great Kids, Inc. has developed and offers training in a supervisory model, RE-MAP Supervision, that incorporates reflective, clinical and administrative elements. It aims to build home visitor skills while creating a strength-based, results-driven work environment.

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