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Professional Development Seminars

Great Kids offers a host of advanced skill building seminars for home visitors, parent survey specialist and their supervisors. For more information on these and other seminars, please contact us.

  • Establishing and Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Strength Based Solution Focused Communication Tools
  • Teen Parents
  • Motivating and Addressing Concerns with Families
  • Reflective, Skill Driven Supervision
  • Advanced Parent Survey/Community Outreach Strategies
  • GGK Daily Do's for Toddlers and Two Year-Olds
  • Growing Great Families Skill Builder - Supervision Within the context of the GGK's 6 Competencies for Parenting Facilitators/Home Visitors

We Are Uniquely Different!

Strength Based

All GKI trainings and technical assistance are grounded in our strength-based, family-centered philosophy.

Growing Great Kids Curriculum

Growing Great Kids, a highly engaging, interactive parenting and child development curriculum, is also a two-year professional staff development program implemented by the on-site program supervisor.

Real Program Experience

Training and resource materials emphasize the practical “how-to’s” based on real program experience. We take the guesswork out of staff’s daily work with families and caregivers. Our innovative and practical strategies are founded on more than two decades of experience in the work, based on best practice, and supported by research.

Parent Survey

The strength-based Parent Survey allows you to reach out to all parents in your community from a positive, family focused perspective.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available from professionals who have decades of hands-on experience in every aspect of family support and child care giving programs.

Bilingual Seminars

Selected training seminars and materials are available in Spanish, as well as English.

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What is Strength Based?

There has been much confusion about what is meant by being "strength based." It is important to emphasize that being strength based does not mean simply focusing on positives and ignoring concerns or fabricating strengths that do not exist. Rather, it means figuring out ways to recognize and utilize genuine parent/family strengths to allow building onto existing competencies and effectively addressing concerns. Strength based programs believe that parents have the resources to learn new skills and solve problems and therefore involve them in the process of discovery, learning, and coping with the challenges they may face.

“The answer provided to our question is consistent with the work I know you all do: thoughtful, articulate, and encouraging. Thank you for all the work you do to improve the work we do!”
- Infant/Toddler Teacher, Florida

Training available in English and Spanish!

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