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Curricula With No Recurring Fees

Affordable Goal Driven Curriculum

Growing Great Kids Prenatal – 36 Months
Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers For Home Based Programs

Parenting, Attachment, Child Development & Family Strengthening Curriculum

How has this affordable curriculum, with no recurring costs, been designed to meet all of your program goals?

  • Step-By-Step Focus On How To Build The Parent-Child Relationship: Growing Great Kids leads with building the parent-child attachment relationship. When parents are supported in attaching emotionally to their child and when staff understand the parents' values and what they want for their child, parents are open for incorporating child development information and activities into their everyday care practices.
  • Growing Great Families Component: Modules that are specifically designed to build Protective Factors for children, strengthen family foundations, foster the growth of problem solving skills, and cultivate parental resilience.
  • Guides/Lesson Plans For Each Home Visit: Provided to enrich visits and reduce planning time.
  • Focus on Building Skills: GGK Seminars and Curricula are skill-driven with an emphasis on building 6 home visitor competencies and 6 essential parenting skill sets.
  • Parent Handouts in Electronic Files: For convenience and quick access.
  • No Recertification Requirements: Once your staff is trained, they will never need to be recertified.
  • No Recurring Charges For Parent Handouts Or Other Curriculum Materials: Makes GGK a sustainable curriculum option.
  • 2-Year In-House Staff Development Program and Post-Training Consultation included: Supervisors receive monthly guides for continuing to build staff competencies following GGK Seminars. Post training consultation offered at no additional charge.
  • No Reporting Requirements

Growing Great Kids™ is a user friendly and truly comprehensive strength-based approach to growing nurturing parent-child relationships and supporting healthy childhood development.

"Practicing with real parents and their children in the training with feedback right after the module practice was soooo helpful. Thanks for giving new skills, not just knowledge."

For more information, contact Kathy Flanagan, MSW - 1-800-906-5581