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Growing Great Kids™ For Preschoolers for Home Visiting Programs

A Parenting, Attachment, Child Development and Family Strengthening Curriculum and Training Program

Growing Great Kids for Preschooler Curriculum Description

Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers (GGK-PS) is a uniquely interactive approach for optimizing developmental outcomes for preschool children. GGK-PS provides parents, home visitors and preschool teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to support children in forming:

  • Strong self-esteem
  • Curious minds capable of creative and critical thinking
  • Cooperative peer relationships
  • Age appropriate impulse control
  • Habits foundational to healthy life styles
  • Social and academic building blocks for school success

GGK-PS is a component of the GGK Prenatal - 5 Years Curriculum Series, which can be used as a free standing parent or teacher education program as well as an activity based curriculum for supporting childhood development in all domains.

Curriculum Materials

Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers Materials include the following:

  • Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers Curriculum Manual: This curriculum manual contains 24 parent/teacher education modules, aimed at enhancing their understanding of the needs and development of preschool children and how to interact with them in ways that build their self esteem, foundations for school success and their ability to self regulate.
  • Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers Learning Pods for 3 Year Olds: This manual contains 200 Child Development Activities, grouped into 27 Learning-Pods, to use with 3 year old children to support their growth and to build skills in all developmental domains.
  • Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers Learning Pods for 4 & 5 Year Olds: This manual contains 200 Child Development Activities, grouped into 27 Learning-Pods, to use with 4 and 5 year old children to support their growth and to build skills in all developmental domains.
  • Master sets of Parent/Teacher Handouts & Activities for Children
  • License to make unlimited copies of hard copy masters of all Child Development Activities, Parent/Teacher Handouts & Activities

It is so easy for program staff to produce GGK-PS copies in-house, making it convenient to select materials specific to the needs and interests of each family, teacher or home visitor. Our innovative curriculum design saves time for busy home visitors, parents and preschool teachers by providing them with groupings of child development activities that form a comprehensive foundation for their weekly developmental support of preschool children. These simply written activities identify their targeted developmental objectives. They are sequenced progressively to provide building blocks for literacy, peer relationships, impulse control, academic achievement, balanced nutrition, self-care, physical activity, problem solving and independent thinking.

Skill Development For Practitioners and Teachers

As Parent-Child Practitioners, home visitors, parents, caregivers and preschool teachers progress through the GGK-PS Curriculum, they build practical skills for interacting with preschool children in ways that strengthen self-esteem, encourage cooperation, and nurture security in their relationships with the children.

Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers teaches 6 essential skill sets, the Daily Do's for Preschoolers, which lay the foundation for nurturing care and age appropriate stimulation. When parents, caregivers and teachers consistently practice these skills, their interactions with preschool children will optimize social, cognitive, language, physical and emotional health and development.


Focus of the 4.5 Day Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers Certification Seminar:

  • Understanding the development of the preschool child
  • Strategies for interacting with 3-5 year old children, preventing challenging behaviors, while providing consistent, nurturing discipline
  • Methods for conflict resolution and self regulation
  • Keeping attachment relationships strong
  • Providing children with those feelings of security essential for learning
  • Motivating parents to support their child's development across domains
  • Strategies for managing family stress and addressing concerns
  • Fun and appropriate ways to build the foundations for academic success
  • Providing children with play activities aimed at teaching self regulation and essential social skills while strengthening their self esteem
  • Teaching parents, child caregivers and preschool teachers 6 essential skill sets for providing empathic care, daily stimulation, healthy nutrition and physical activity for their Preschoolers

GGK PS Table of Contents

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For any Home Visiting Program, Preschools or Child Care Provider of children, ages 3-5.

“I never got it about motivating parents. And, now I know how to do it! Starting with learning what parents want for their children, what is important to them, is going to make all the difference in the world.”

Now available in Spanish!


To learn more about GKI-PS Seminar or for more information, please call: 1-800-906-5581