Growing Great Kids™: Prenatal – 36 Months

 This transformative, skill-driven curriculum provides practitioners with research-informed, strength-based & solution-focused “Home Visit Conversation Guides” for engaging parents, cultivating secure attachments, and bolstering child development, while building parenting, family strengthening & other essential life skills with parents who themselves have experienced childhood adversity and other traumatic events. GGK builds Home Visitor competencies for: nurturing parental resiliency; advancing individual & family functioning; reducing a child’s exposure to toxic stress; nurturing parents’ problem-solving skills; strengthening the families’ support networks; and enabling parents to construct protective buffers around their children.

Use of the Growing Great Kids Prenatal to 36 Months Curriculum & associated materials requires that Supervisors & Home Visitors attend a skill-driven, 4.5-Day GGK Tier 1 Certification Seminar.

To insure Home Visitors and Supervisors are fully prepared to integrate GGK into their family visits immediately following this certification training, group size is limited to 8. Great Kids compensates program families for participating in GGK Module Practice sessions during our certification seminars, and provides a gift card to each family. This real-time, hands-on, experience results in Home Visitors being “GGK Practice-Ready” and motivated to deliver the curriculum straight away.

bee graphicWe aim for individual site and system-wide best practice. To support programs in accomplishing this, the GGK Curriculum Package includes a complimentary Professional Development Program. This series of guided professional development activities provides a structured and comprehensive plan for advancing the knowledge and skills of Home Visitors and Supervisors. It is designed to be facilitated on-site by program Supervisors, making on-going professional development sustainable and cost effective. This professional development program systematically builds Home Visitors’ competencies in 6 areas aimed at achieving optimal results with program families.

Additionally it contains a variety of supervisory & monitoring tools for insuring GGK implementation fidelity and consistency in program delivery.

For Home Visitors working with English & Spanish speaking families, you will want to plan for the purchase of both English & Spanish curriculum sets (a bilingual Spanish-English trainer is available).

  1. The comprehensiveness of this parenting, attachment, basic care, health, child development, family strengthening, stress reduction and life skills curriculum

  2. Specialized strategies for motivating highly stressed families to build skills for empathic parenting, nurturing their infants and young children and supporting their early learning/development

  3. A structure that keeps Home Visitors focused on the parent-child relationship, infant mental health, reducing toxic stress and building protective factors during every home visit

  4. Culturally-competent and father-inclusive activities, language and artwork

  5. Growing Great Families curriculum component, including 31 modules (conversation guides), focused on supporting families to identify and work toward realizing their values, cultural heritage and dreams for their children, while reducing stress and building problem solving & other life skills

  6. Strong emphasis on social and emotional development and nurturing self-regulation

  7. Guided modules with step-by-step, interactive questions to actively engage parents with the information and skills being presented, discouraging home visitors from advice-giving while encouraging parents to share their opinions and to craft their own solutions

  8. Strategies embedded aimed at advancing Home Visitor skills for addressing challenging circumstances with program families

  9. Curriculum Package includes a 12-month Professional Development Program, in addition to several other complimentary web based learning opportunities

  10. Training group size limited to 8 participants to offer “hand-on” practice with families, individual coaching and fast track skill mastery

  11. GGK has no recurring or annual certification or licensing fees. It is affordable and is structured to be financially sustainable with its front-loaded cost structure.

Growing Great Kids is Evidence Based

Great Kids, Inc. partnered with the evaluation and research firm LeCroy & Milligan Associates to develop this summary of GGK’s evidence-based criteria. This summary documents the GGK curriculum series as an effective evidence-based parenting intervention and educational tool to support parent and family level outcomes, based on the results of a research study by LeCroy and Davis (March 2016), published in Research on Social Work Practice. This summary provides home visitation programs with information about this evidence-based curriculum and fidelity implementation.

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We believe programs want true costs, without having to contend with additional hidden costs. For specific cost information to assist you in budgeting for training and use of the Growing Great Kids Curriculum email

The purchase of a comprehensive curriculum is a long-term investment for program families and staff. In view of this investment, keep in mind that the costs per family will decline significantly with each subsequent year your program uses GGK. Thus your return on investment (ROI) increases with every year.