Early Head Start

 Great Kids, Inc. and Early Head Start share a common purpose: to support parents in raising competent, compassionate children with the skills to solve tomorrow's problems by cultivating the parenting skills needed to form and sustain secure parent-child relationships and genuine investments in their child’s health and development. Great Kids, Inc. is actively advocating for additional Federal funding for family support and child development programs.

The research and practice based Growing Great Kids Curriculum and Certification Seminars have been tailored to build the skills of Early Head Start practitioners that will result in families being strengthened and programs obtaining optimal results with children.

Growing Great Kids (GGK), a research and practice based Prenatal - 5 Years Parenting, Attachment, Child Development and Family Strengthening Curriculum Series, provides Early Head Start programs with materials and strategies for offering a fully integrated, seamless approach to families participating in their home visiting and center-based programs.

GKI offers consultation for new EHS programs as well as Head Start programs converting to the Early Head Start model.

Great Kids offers certification seminars for training staff to build programs that provide high quality, continuous, coordinated care. E/HS practitioners attending our skill building seminars have learned how to keep parents engaged in their visits and interested in supporting their child’s development between visits or outside of the preschool classroom.

We recommend beginning services for families prenatally. Because the prenatal phase of a child’s development has a lasting effect on his/her development, during the pre-birth period GGK focuses the parent’s attention on attaching to and growing a healthy baby.

 Our evidence based curriculum is unique in that it has a family service component and an emphasis on infant mental health. GGK fosters secure attachment relationships and optimal child development by helping parents master 6 essential parenting skill sets. These parenting skills are an integral focus of GGK’s more than 400 development enhancing activities.

The Growing Great Kids Curriculum has a built-in family service element providing step-by-step guides for assisting parents in identifying their values, using their personal assets to reduce stress, learning how to solve problems, utilizing community resources and re-focusing on their children during difficult times.

More than simply a child development curriculum, GGK contains 115 Modules, including strength-based language and solution-focused strategies for sharing age-specific information on parenting, child development, health, safety, nutrition and stress management, all designed to be used emergently with families. Parent Home Visitors and teachers learn how to motivate parents to be their child’s favorite teacher within the context of their family’s values, traditions and culture.

Early Head Start
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