GGK Alignment with Head Start

Head Start Curriculum Requirements

The Growing Great Kids Prenatal – 5 Years (GGK), Home and Center Based Curricula Series offers an individually tailored, uniquely enriching experience for children, their parents and their teachers. The GGK Series and training programs are grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Relationships are primary for a child’s growth and development.
  • A child’s culture is central to his/her identify.
  • Parents nurturing responses and parenting skills provide the foundation for a child’s lifelong well being.
  • Teachers and home visitors have a responsibility to motivate and support parents to nurture and enrich their child’s development.
  • Young children learn holistically.
  • Children in families benefit from positive social connections in their communities.
  • All children can learn and thrive with the right type of stimulation and encouragement.
  • Parents are adult learners who grow best when their values and opinions are sought out, respected and built upon.
  • When is comes to learning, practice makes permanent!


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Early Head Start Curriculum Checklist

The Growing Great Kids Home and Center Based Curricula Series exceeds all Head Start Curriculum requirements. For each requirement, examples of how Growing Great Kids meets these requirements are provided below.

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Does the curriculum:

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Growing Great Kids/Head Start Performance Standards Crosswalk

The Growing Great Kids Curriculum Series was specifically written to address the requirements and comply with the standards of programs working with vulnerable, highly stressed, low-income families. Our unique focus on strengthening the family and providing step-by-step guidance for cultivating secure attachment relationships, sets Growing Great Kids apart from other curricula. A sample Growing Great Kids – Head Start Standard Crosswalk document below shows how the Growing Great Kids Prenatal – 36 months Curriculum exceeds Head Start Compliance Monitoring requirements.

By aligning Growing Great Kids™ materials and opportunities for play, exploration, discovery, and problem-solving with the outcomes described in the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework you will promote successful learning opportunities for all the children in your program. Learn more by viewing our alignment crosswalk document or our preschool alignment crosswalk document.