Growing Great Kids™ Coaching, Competency Assessment & Professional Development

In addition to our existing Home Visitor competency building systems, GKI also has some exciting additional offerings that will specifically meet all the compliance needs of Head Start/Early Head Start Home Visiting and Combo Programs. The following will be released and available prior to July of 2017:

Home Visitor Competency Assessment
One of our Certified Home Visitor Professional Development Coaches will come to your site to observe each of your staff conducting a home visit. Upon completion of the observations of your team, they will work with supervisors to determine how to most effectively support staff, either through our Intensive Home Visitor Coaching option for those most in need, your own coaching strategy, or via our existing professional development opportunities. Your program will be provided a detailed report that tracks competencies and strategies for growth.

Intensive Coaching for Home Visitors
For the many programs who are unable to provide an in-house staff person dedicated to the Intensive Coaching needs of Home Visitors, GKI provides the opportunity to outsource this critical part of your professional development plan. This is a virtual Coaching option designed specifically to provide the opportunity for virtual observation and personalized feedback and individual professional development plans from a team with over 30 years of Home Visitor coaching experience.


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