Growing Great Kids™ In-House Staff Development Programs

Great Kids, Inc. views the professional development of home visitors as a continuous process. While most training programs are content driven, the Great Kids approach to developing home visitors is skill driven. Home visitors have observed for years that sharing information with parents, in itself, does not generally result in more nurturing, involved parenting practices. Research has consistently shown that without an on-going reflective focus on integrating concepts and skills acquired during a seminar, training participants quickly revert to their previous level of practice.

During our seminars, training participants acquire skills for motivating parents to grow their own skills. To anchor and build these competencies over time, Supervisors receive as part of their training seminar tuition, a 2 year in-house advanced certification program to be used with staff to meet EHS continuing education protocols.


For information about Growing Great Kids Curriculum Seminars, Call: 715.298.9075