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Growing Great Kids™
Prenatal – 36 Months: Home Visiting

A Parenting, Attachment, Child Development and Family Strengthening Curriculum
  • Framed in growing secure attachment relationships and emotionally strong children
  • Builds nurturing parenting skills in 6 key areas that enrich a child’s development
  • Hundreds of child development activities structured to promote parent involvement
  • 92 modules consisting of strength based language designed to be used emergently
  • Fully integrated, comprehensive approach including 17 Growing Great Families modules aimed at reducing family stress, improving relationships and motivating parents to parent successfully within the context of their culture and values
  • Artwork and curriculum materials language specifically tailored to be inclusive of Dads and other parenting partners
  • Starting prenatally through age 5, offers families a seamless experience
  • Includes a 2- year post training, In-House, Staff Development Program

What Distinguishes the Evidence Based Growing Great Kids Curriculum from Other Parenting and Child Development Curricula?
  • Transforms EHS practitioner from being “information sharing child development specialist” into facilitators who empower parents to be the primary pillars of their child’s development
  • Specialized strategies for motivating highly stressed parents to nurture their infants and young children and to support their early learning and development
  • Modules focused on helping families to identify and to work toward realizing their values, cultural heritage and dreams for their children
  • Strong emphasis on developing parental empathy and supporting parents in responding sensitively to the needs and development of their children
  • Focus on raising children who are self-confident, respectful and capable as adults
  • Primary focus on building essential parenting skills
  • Each module provides step-by-step interactive questions to actively engage parents with the materials so they do not feel they are being given advice or talked down to
  • Supports EHS practitioners in developing the skills needed to address difficult issues with families
  • More than a curriculum, the GGK package includes a 2 year, independent study, staff development and advanced certification program aimed at supporting sustainability and on-going quality improvement In-House Staff Development Program
  • Exceeds Early Head Start Curriculum, Infant and Mental Health, Child Development and Family Service Standards: GGK cross walk document specific to Compliance Monitoring for Early Head Start Standards
  • No annual recertification fees

Growing Great Kids Prenatal - 36 Months Curriculum Training for Home Visiting Programs

Great Kids, Inc. offers Growing Great Kids Seminars for home visitors and their supervisors with Spanish Bilingual trainers available. Upon certification, supervisors and home visitors will be prepared to implement the Curriculum with families of young children. Supervisors will have specialized tools to build staff skills through reflective practice and strength based feedback.

This skill driven, practice focused certification course includes:

  • Effective communication strategies for building collaborative partnerships with parents
  • Tools for motivating families, rooted in their values, personal assets, culture and goals
  • Step-by-step guides for nurturing secure attachment relationships
  • Practice sessions with program families aimed at cultivating practitioner competencies and confidence beyond the classroom
  • Practical application of the Cycle of Mastery for motivating parents to invest in their child’s development
  • Practical strategies for teaching parents 6 essential skill sets for nurturing and stimulating the development of their children
  • Reflective Skill Enhancing Supervision

Because GGK seminars are skill driven, seminar size is limited to 8 participants and is facilitated in your community.

What materials are included in the Growing Great Kids Prenatal – 36 Months Curriculum and training?
  • GGK Prenatal Manual
  • GGK Birth – 12 Months Manual
  • GGK 13-24 Months Manual
  • GGK 25-36 Months Manual
  • GGK Growing Great Families Manual
  • GGK Staff Development and Certification Guide
  • GGK Canvas curriculum tote bag

Included in Supervisor's License:

  • Professional Resource Manuals
  • Master Set of over 400 Parent Handouts and Activities
  • Master Set of 14 Certificates of Completion for Parents
  • Curriculum Documentation Records for Program Monitoring
  • Post Training, In-House Professional Staff Development Program , including original video clips demonstrating the use of GGK with families
  • Lifetime GKI license for unlimited reproduction of GGK handouts and activities
  • No annual recertification fees

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GKI Curriculum and Certification Seminars are available in both English and Spanish.


For information about Growing Great Kids Curriculum Seminars, Call: 1-800-906-5581