About GKI

E/HS Start Up Program Planning

Great Kids, Inc. (GKI) offers comprehensive on-site and distance consultation for your management team.

Start Up Planning

Your GKI Consultant can assist you with the following areas of Start Up Planning:

  • Understanding Head Start Performance Standards and Procedures for home and center based programs
  • Development of a step-by-step implementation plan, with identifiable timelines, to ensure your program will be operational by your targeted start date
  • Development of management systems and procedures related to eligibility, enrollment, socialization groups, home visiting protocols, teacher child interactions, etc.
  • Designing a culturally competent, community oriented Home Visiting or Center Based Program that exceeds Head Start Compliance Standards
  • Understanding the unique needs of serving highly stressed parents and the infant mental health considerations for Head Start program families
  • Selecting Curricula
  • Guidelines for hiring and training staff
  • Preparing supervisors to lead, coach and manage effectively