About GKI

GKI Board Chair

Peter Dudding, MM, MSW, RSW / Director of Social Programs,
Department of Family Services, Nunavut, Canada

GKI Board Treasurer

Richard (Rick) A. Brown, CPA

GKI Board Secretary

Vicky Hill-Rickey, CRNA / Nurse Anesthetist

GKI Executive Director

Cheryl Miller, MSW/LCSW

Linda Elliot, MSW/LCSW / GKI Operations Director

Kathryn Flanagan, MSW / GKI Training Director

Laura Robinson, Ph.D., M.Phil., MA, Navigant Economics

Betsy Dew, M.ED. / Consultant

Michelle R. Williams, LLP

In Our Words:

“I always thought that providing loving and nurturing care to infants and toddlers was intuitive and just common sense. For many, I have learned, it is not. That's why GKI's mission is so important for all of us. I was recruited to the board to fill a void on the board that my skill may bring. However I agreed to join the board because furthering its mission is critical.”
- Richard Brown, CPA

"I am a member of the GKI Board of Directors because I want every child to grow up without fear, without physical or emotional harm being inflicted by those she/he depends on, and without self-doubt. I believe every child deserves to enter adulthood with the layers of emotional protection that will prevent him/her from breaking when life throws its inevitable punches. It is because Great Kids teaches program staff, who in turn teach parents how to nurture children who feel safe, valued, and strong enough to be compassionate, that I am committed to supporting the work of GKI."
- Linda Elliot, MSW, ACSW

“From my 20 years of experience leading community-based child survival programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, I have realized how beyond the survival, it was critical to ensure all children receive the nurturing care essential to realizing their full potential. Today, I’m happy to bring to the GKI Board of Directors, as an African professional and community leader born and raised in Cameroon, the international perspective in the provision of quality parenting support and education to parents and caregivers of children 0-5 years old."
- Pierre-Marie Metangmo, MD, MPH, MBA

"I am passionate about creating opportunities for young children [I have three of my own 4,6,10]. As a child I lived for several years in various countries in southeast asia and developed an acute awareness of the different lives to be led by children with love and opportunity and those without. That we in the United States, with the all our resources, do not provide a safe, healthy, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment for the newest and most vulnerable members of our society is a devastating indictment of the functioning of our culture. I am excited to discover Great Kids Inc, a group that is dedicated to changing the culture to one in which all our youngest children are provided for, loved, and respected. As a financial economist I appreciate the organization's described commitment to specifc, measurable,outcomes, as well as its ability to substantially self-fund. In my experience these are two critical traits of sustainable organizations that can achieve long-run success in obtaining their goals."
- Laura Robinson Ph.D., M.Phil., MA