Advanced Professional Development Seminar Descriptions

As home visiting programs evolve, their professional development needs change according to the skills home visitors and supervisors have grown and the challenges they face on a daily basis in their practice with families.

GKI's goal in offering our skill-driven, Advanced Professional Development Seminars is to tailor advanced training to what will be most beneficial, in terms of competency development, at a particular point in a program's evolution.

GKI offers, to home visitors and/or supervisors who have participated in a Growing Great Kids Certification Seminar, the following menu of skill-driven workshops

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RE-MAP Supervision: A Model for Supervising Home Visitors (3 days)

Supervisors learn the primary functions and types of supervision and are introduced to GKI's RE-MAP Model for Supervision (Relationship-Exploration & Education-Motivation-Administration-Professional Development). In conjunction with this framework, supervisors practice using strength-based communication strategies and GKI reflective & clinical supervision tools with typically occurring home visiting supervisory scenarios. Additional resources and tools are provided in GKI's Supervisor's Desk Reference manual, 2012 Edition.

Goal Setting: A Framework for Family Growth (2 days)

Home visitors gain an appreciation for the potential for growth experienced by families when working toward goals framed in what they truly value. Participants learn how to de-emphasize "achievement", by instead focusing on what parents will gain in their relationships, being respected by others, and control over one's destiny and/or protecting the child they love. In doing so, the drudgery and intimidation of setting and working toward goals quickly diminishes. By expanding their skills for finessing Growing Great Families modules with parents, they are able to guide them to finding their own "Goal Gold".

Professional Boundaries: Yours mine & Theirs (2 days)

Maintaining the right balance between effective, quality service provision and over-involvement or under-involvement with program families can be challenging for those who are new to home visiting, as well as for experienced home visitors and their supervisors. Training participants examine the host of factors that can contribute to the unintentional errors associated with crossing professional boundaries when working with families. While learning about the origin of one's personal boundaries and how to define professional boundaries by focusing on role clarity and delineation, home visitors and supervisors explore solutions to boundary issues in their practice with families and within their relationships with co-workers.

Teens: Getting Into Their Vibe (2 days)

Understanding the teen brain and the social & emotional development of adolescents is core to engaging, relating to and motivating teen parents. Training participants expand their understanding of teen development and learn strategies specific to connecting with them, motivating them to actively participate in expanding their parenting skills, and supporting them to make choices that are in their best interest, decisions that will also benefit their child.

GGK Advanced Practice Integration (3 days)

With integration of GKI's Action Tools (Strength-Based & Solution-Focused Communication Strategies) and the advanced practice of GGK Daily Do's, competencies are built for a continuous, intentional focus on fostering the growth of 6 Essential Parenting Skill Sets. Home visitors and supervisors develop a new awareness of the devastating effects of childhood trauma on physical and mental health, while learning how to navigate the GGK Curriculum for supporting families in building Protective Factors/Buffers for their children. Many challenging parenting & family scenarios are presented, providing home visitors with opportunities to practice using GKI's Action Tools and GGK modules to address these concerns.

GGK Advancing Practice Competencies (3 Days)

Framed in the context of GGK's 6 Competencies for Home Visitors, home visitors identify their home visiting "Bests" and skill sets they want to grow. As areas for growth are uncovered, the GKI Master Trainer tailors seminar content for advancing skills for:
  • Emergent use of GGK modules & activities
  • Employing the GKI Action Tools(Strength-Based & Solution-Focused Communication Strategies) to create motivation for family growth & addressing concerns
  • Using Prenatal and Growing Great Families modules for building Protective Factors/Buffers for children
  • Advancing parental mastery of the Daily Do's
  • Transference of the Cycle of Mastery into everyday, home visiting practice and parents daily interactions with their children

For any Home Visiting Program, Preschools or Child Care Provider of children, ages 3-5.

Now available in Spanish!

GGK Prenatal Advanced Practice (3 days)

Motivating Pre-Birth Parents for Healthy Pregnancies & cultivating the growth of Secure Attachments are the cornerstones of this GGK Advanced Practice seminar. Within this context, participants expand their understanding of, and build skills for, how to integrate GGK Prenatal modules, the Daily Do's, Growing Great Families modules and the GKI Action Tools.

Growing Great Families: Advanced Practice (3 days)

Framed in the context of the "Protective Factors", the ACE Study & cultural value systems, participants develop GGF Advanced Practice skills. With a heightened appreciation for the integration of value-driven & solution-focused content in GGF module conversation guides, home visitors uncover the keys to motivating parents for personal growth, strong family functioning, healthy relationships, and nurturing parenting practices. Opportunities are provided for practicing how to address concerns and how to re-focus on parenting during highly stressful situations.

Growing Great Kids for Preschoolers (3 Days)

For home visitors certified in GGK Prenatal to 36 Months, this seminar offers an orientation to the structure of the GGK for Preschoolers Curriculum and the Daily Do's for Preschoolers within the context of the development of 3-5 year old children and their parenting needs. As with GGK Prenatal to 36 Months Seminars, opportunities are provided to practice using curriculum modules and child development activities with program parents & their children. With a skill-driven focus, home visitors emerge from this training "Good to Go" with this GGK Curriculum Series.

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